Blast from the Past: Why Nostalgia Wins in Content Marketing

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Nostalgic memories—those positive feelings tied to the past—are nuggets of marketing gold that can yield dividends for decades, and some big brands are successfully seizing the moment. Why does nostalgia…


Content Marketing Is About to Get Awesomely Weird

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Is content marketing dead? Nope, but it ain’t your grandpa’s marketing strategy anymore. Some marketers are going around claiming content marketing is dead. Listen carefully, and you may hear the…


10 Content Marketing Quotes that Inspire and Excite

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Crafting interesting, relevant content marketing campaigns is an exciting challenge, but coming up with fresh themes and ideas can be difficult work. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 65% of…


40% of Holiday Shoppers Start Buying Before Halloween

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Holiday shopping is one of the biggest opportunities for brands to cash in on consumer activity through clever marketing content. With the right tactics in place, launching marketing campaigns before the…


KFC and ASMR: Marketing to an Underground Sensation

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Nowadays, companies are expected to produce content that is visually and audibly appealing. When it comes to video marketing, where a brand’s content reaches viral status every other day, standing…


To Post or Not to Post: Here’s What Kills Content Quality

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The need to push content can feel urgent, and in that rush to publish, quality control can take a hit. It’s important for marketers to get content out there, but…


IZEA Proposes #AD Emoji for Sponsored Content

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IZEA hopes to alter the landscape of paid social with a proposed #AD emoji. The emoji would make it much easier for consumers to spot advertisements as they scroll and…


Generate 9x More Leads with Long-Form Content

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With more handheld gadgets than ever, print magazines aren’t the only medium readers are using to enjoy long-form content. The Long-Form Content Champion Long-form content, or an article longer than…


I Can’t Believe It’s Not (Email) Spam!

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According to a 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report by Return Path, one in five emails sent never makes its way to an inbox, likely trapped or blocked by spam filters. You’ve…


So Long Shaky 360: Facebook Nixes Nauseating Playback

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From implementing reactions to an anti-clickbait algorithm, Facebook has made a ton of changes over the past year. But Facebook 360 tops the list of improvements — and it’s only…