KFC and ASMR: Marketing to an Underground Sensation

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Nowadays, companies are expected to produce content that is visually and audibly appealing. When it comes to video marketing, where a brand’s content reaches viral status every other day, standing…


Survey Says! Content Marketing Requires More than Behavior Data

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G.I. Joe told everyone that knowing is half the battle, but he didn’t cover the other half. Having behavior data easily accessible doesn’t do much good if marketers don’t respond…


IZEA Proposes #AD Emoji for Sponsored Content

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IZEA hopes to alter the landscape of paid social with a proposed #AD emoji. The emoji would make it much easier for consumers to spot advertisements as they scroll and…


40% of Holiday Shoppers Start Buying Before Halloween

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Holiday shopping is one of the biggest opportunities for brands to cash in on consumer activity through clever marketing content. With the right tactics in place, launching marketing campaigns before the…


VR Marketing: Try These Goggles on for Size

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Virtual reality headsets may be the key to exploring new worlds, but they’re also a hidden gem for marketers looking to deliver memorable messages to curious consumers. The expanding horizon…


Staying Supreme, Staying Alive

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No matter how feverishly industry experts study trends, dig into data and pour dollars into promotion, the elusive thing that makes something a hit and something a miss will always…

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Marketing Execs See Increasing Promise in Mobile Devices

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A brand new survey of over 700 marketing executives concerning their stance mobile marketing plans shows what aspects are most important and which elements work best. Smartphones have become the main device…


Generate 9x More Leads with Long-Form Content

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With more handheld gadgets than ever, print magazines aren’t the only medium readers are using to enjoy long-form content. The Long-Form Content Champion Long-form content, or an article longer than…


The State of #Election2016 Conversation on Social Media

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Enduring the shockwaves of a reality TV host going head-to-head with what could be the first female president of the United States, this election season has left a memorable mark…


So Long Shaky 360: Facebook Nixes Nauseating Playback

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From implementing reactions to an anti-clickbait algorithm, Facebook has made a ton of changes over the past year. But Facebook 360 tops the list of improvements — and it’s only…