#Obsolete: Should Marketers Mourn the Hashtag?

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Think the hashtag is dead? Despite epic fails, the hashtag’s power remains alive and well for content marketers who know how to use it. With a winning hashtag and the…


Survey Says! Content Marketing Requires More than Behavior Data

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G.I. Joe told everyone that knowing is half the battle, but he didn’t cover the other half. Having behavior data easily accessible doesn’t do much good if marketers don’t respond…


What Snapchat’s Three-Year Partnership with Wimbledon Means for Digital Marketing

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Snapchat’s three-year deal with Wimbledon proves that the old adage remains true: marketers follow where consumers lead. With roughly 60 percent of smartphone owners using Snapchat, it’s not surprising that…


Thumb Conundrum: 60% of One-handed Smartphone Users Ponder App Placement

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The growth of mobile app penetration has been exponential in the past few years. Whereas mobile apps were previously considered a niche market, people of all ages are now downloading…


Snapchat Spectacles Slide into the Wearable Tech Space

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If you’ve ever wished that your shades could do just a little bit more, Snapchat has the answer. The beloved social platform is dipping its toes into wearable tech with…


Staying Supreme, Staying Alive

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No matter how feverishly industry experts study trends, dig into data and pour dollars into promotion, the elusive thing that makes something a hit and something a miss will always…


Repurposing Content Saves Money, Gives Broader Target Audience Reach

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Repurposing content can lead to opportunities that drive higher traffic and build stronger engagement with multiple target audiences. One of the best tactics to use in content marketing is content repurposing….


How to Market a Wearable Revolution Set to Hit $34B by 2020

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With the wearable tech market estimated to include 411 million devices worth $34 billion by 2020, the battle for content marketing begins now. The numbers are staggering, and they tell…


Growth Hacking for Content Marketing That’s, Well, Actually Like Hacking

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  The term “growth hacking” is all over the marketing world these days, fueled by startups trying to be the next Twitter or Airbnb. But the use of growth hacking…


The Internet Is Abuzz with AAP as Adblock Plus Pushes Back

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Police committing crimes, cats barking like dogs—the Internet reveals a cornucopia of Bizarro-world reversals. The latest? Adblock Plus, one of the most-used ad-blocking apps, will begin serving its users web…