Content Marketing Tips

10 Quick Content Marketing Tips

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You’re creating blog posts and sharing them on social media, but your brand’s content seems to land more with a dull thud than with a big splash. What’s going wrong?…

World Without Content Marketing

What the World Would Be Like If Content Marketing Didn’t Exist

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Imagine a friend texts you a link to a video, so you click on it. Turns out it’s a funny sketch on the dangers of smoking. Later that day, you’re…

grow content marketing

How To Grow Content Marketing

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Content marketing is the most effective form of marketing out there today, according to the State of the Creator Economy study (SOCE). More than 90 percent of B2B marketers use…

Overcoming Writers Block

Content Marketing Tools for Overcoming Writer’s Block

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You’re ready to write, so you sit down, open up Google Docs or WordPress, and…nothing. You’re blocked, and have no idea where to begin. Writer’s block has been around pretty…

Content Marketing Plan

Creating a Content Marketing Plan

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According to tradition, it was Benjamin Franklin, the father of content marketing, who said “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” While Franklin probably wasn’t referring to today’s content…

20 Myths About Content Marketing You'd Be A Fool To Believe

20 Myths About Content Marketing You’d Be A Fool To Believe

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Content marketing isn’t exactly new — you can trace the practice all the back to Benjamin Franklin and his publication of “Poor Richard’s Almanack” in the 1700s. Although content marketing…

Content Marketing Topic Ideas

10 Content Marketing Topics Your Audience Wants To Read About

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When you create content for your company, you’re up against a lot of competition. Fortunately, some topics always seem to grab people’s attention and make them want to read. Every…

Snapchat Content Marketing

What Is Snapchat Content Marketing?

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Snapchat isn’t like those other social media networks. While content you publish on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stays there forever (or until you delete it), what you publish on Snapchat…

Value of Content Marketing

Value of Content Marketing

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Everywhere you go, it seems that someone is talking about how great content marketing is. Searches for the phrase “content marketing” on Google remained pretty steady from 2004 through 2010,…

Content Marketing Examples

15 Excellent Examples of Content Marketing Done Right

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If you want your brand’s content to stand out, it helps to learn from the best. What makes a piece of content great? For one thing, it needs to be…