Weekly Roundup: Notable News and Awesome Articles

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Miss your dose of content marketing this week? Keep reading for a roundup of notable news and articles. NBC Scored Serious Cash at the Olympics Despite disappointing ratings, the 2016…


Survey Says! Content Marketing Requires More than Behavior Data

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G.I. Joe told everyone that knowing is half the battle, but he didn’t cover the other half. Having behavior data easily accessible doesn’t do much good if marketers don’t respond…


What Snapchat’s Three-Year Partnership with Wimbledon Means for Digital Marketing

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Snapchat’s three-year deal with Wimbledon proves that the old adage remains true: marketers follow where consumers lead. With roughly 60 percent of smartphone owners using Snapchat, it’s not surprising that…


Text vs. Visuals – The Advantages of Each in Content Marketing

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Plenty of emphasis is placed on the benefits of visual enhancements, but text still has its strong place in effective content.  The internet was once a text-only environment. Today, with high-definition…


Complex Industries Develop Micro-Moment Strategies, Bring in Cash

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More companies are now boiling down complicated transactions like buying a home or investing in the stock markets into easy-to-use mobile apps. Mobile smartphone users are attempting more complex tasks…


Staying Supreme, Staying Alive

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No matter how feverishly industry experts study trends, dig into data and pour dollars into promotion, the elusive thing that makes something a hit and something a miss will always…


Repurposing Content Saves Money, Gives Broader Target Audience Reach

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Repurposing content can lead to opportunities that drive higher traffic and build stronger engagement with multiple target audiences. One of the best tactics to use in content marketing is content repurposing….


Brands Turn to Mobile to Reach Latino Audiences

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80% of Latino adults now use mobile to reach the internet. Learn how marketers are shifting their focus in reaching this growing online demographic. Increasing numbers of Latinos using mobile…


Are Pancakes the Key to Facebook Live?

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How brands are creating content for the behemoth social platform’s newest offering. Experimenting with a new social media platform can be intimidating. So Denny’s decided to bring in the big guns…


Video Marketing Is Already the Future, So What Are You Waiting For?

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The use of video in branded marketing is blowing out other forms of marketing in many ways. This includes all the great elements of content marketing, including blogs, infographics, slideshares…