Content Marketing Influence

10 Steps to Build Influence With Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing: Everyone’s doing it these days. But what separates effective content marketing from not-so-great content marketing? Influence and authority. Content can be an excellent way to establish your brand…

World Without Content Marketing

What the World Would Be Like If Content Marketing Didn’t Exist

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Imagine a friend texts you a link to a video, so you click on it. Turns out it’s a funny sketch on the dangers of smoking. Later that day, you’re…

Choosing the Right Hashtag

Why Choosing the Right Hashtags Matters

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Before 2007, people mostly associated the pound sign (#) with the button they had to press to reach an operator on a phone. But after 2007, the humble pound sign…

Snapchat Content Marketing

What Is Snapchat Content Marketing?

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Snapchat isn’t like those other social media networks. While content you publish on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stays there forever (or until you delete it), what you publish on Snapchat…

How Content Marketing Makes the World a Better Place

How Content Marketing Makes the World a Better Place

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Marketing gets a bad rap for persuading people to buy products they don’t need. But marketing makes lives easier across the globe by raising awareness of the perfect solution. Just…

20 Myths About Content Marketing You'd Be A Fool To Believe

20 Myths About Content Marketing You’d Be A Fool To Believe

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Content marketing isn’t exactly new — you can trace the practice all the back to Benjamin Franklin and his publication of “Poor Richard’s Almanack” in the 1700s. Although content marketing…

Visual Content Marketing

Why Content Marketers Prefer Images Over Written Blog Content

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Why write it when you can show it seems to be the thinking behind many content marketing decisions these days. The content landscape is becoming an ever more visual place,…

Content Marketing Examples

15 Excellent Examples of Content Marketing Done Right

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If you want your brand’s content to stand out, it helps to learn from the best. What makes a piece of content great? For one thing, it needs to be…

Blast from the Past: Why Nostalgia Wins in Content Marketing

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Nostalgic memories—those positive feelings tied to the past—are nuggets of marketing gold that can yield dividends for decades, and some big brands are successfully seizing the moment. Why does nostalgia…

Killing Content

5 Ways You’re Killing Your Content

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Your brand writes a blog post or partners with an influencer on social media, and the response is…nothing. While you know that the competition is tough out there (thanks to…