The Top Digital Marketers in Real Estate

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The dream fulfillment aspect of the real estate industry makes it a perfect fit for image-based social media platforms, and certain agents are making the most of them. Content marketing…


Get Ready: ¡Viva Content Marketing for Cinco de Mayo!

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Party-focused holidays, even the unofficial ones, are a huge opportunity for beer and liquor brands to break out their content marketing best. An unofficial US party holiday, Cinco de Mayo (May 5)…


Working Without an Editorial Calendar Is the Worst Thing You Can Do

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An editorial calendar is an absolute necessity for consistent, guided and informed content publishing. More content marketing teams across B2B and B2C industries are setting up their daily operations with…


65% of the World Watches Video on Demand and It’s Changing Advertising

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A new report shows the world of on-demand video is growing, and it’s impacting the way advertisers reach consumers. In the past few years, the number of people watching video…


Groups Making a Marketing Impact on the Legal Industry

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Though the legal profession’s most recognizable marketing tactics may be over-the-top TV and radio commercials, lawyers are turning to content marketing to promote their business. For years, lawyers and affiliated…


The Editor Is Dead, Long Live the Editor

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Artificial intelligence is a growing trend in online publishing, with a future that generates more questions than answers. Editors, journos: it’s time to start advocating for unconditional basic income. AI is coming for…


The Value of Activating Employees as Media

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Marketing guru Michael Brito explains his vision for participation marketing in the first installment of his four-part series, “The Employee Content Engine.” Smart and innovative companies use their employees as…


41% of Content Marketers Show Positive ROI – What’s the Real Impact of Your Content​?

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All content is not created equal. To figure out the real impact of your content marketing efforts, you need to go beyond SEO traffic, tweets and shares. Leading influencers and…


Travel and Hospitality Brands Stay Afloat with Digital Marketing

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The modern travel industry was built for the internet, and vice-versa, but some travel marketers are doing their job better than others. The leisure travel market looks better in 2016…


55% of Brands Will Prioritize Visual Content in 2016 – Will You?

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About 55% of brands plan to prioritize more visual content in 2016, according to CMI’s B2C 2016 report. How can you lift your brand’s visual marketing efforts in collaboration with…