Copywriting for Beginners


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Product Description

Small book, big ideas.

With only five chapters covering 25 pages, Copywriting for Beginners: Crafting Quality Content, Understanding the Market, Networking with Clients and Building a Freelance Career might seem small, but it offers many helpful tips if you want to make it big in the copywriting industry.

Unlike most books, Copywriting for Beginners explores whether copywriting is the right career path for you. It provides advice and blueprints on how to create a portfolio, set your price for jobs, and build a website to promote yourself and your services.

Copywriting for Beginners also offers guidance on how to find good-paying assignments and how to network in the industry so that you can freelance for both one-time clients and those that will keep coming back for your services.

Written for those who are just starting out with their career or those who are looking to change careers, the book explains the importance of crafting proposals, creating valuable content and editing your work to make it clear and concise.

Even if you have all of that handled, Copywriting for Beginners reveals lessons on how to organize research for your writing and for clients, how to handle your billing and income, and finally how to conquer delays in starting your work.

Copywriting is needed in a variety of industries, and so you can either write about what you like and stick to one area or cover it all until you find your niche. The choice is yours, and Copywriting for Beginners will be your guidebook to success.

Copywriting for Beginners is available only as a Kindle e-book.

Review by John T. Garcia