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Quizzes Are Content, Too – and They Can Generate Leads

Quizzes are a content marketing opportunity that can engage users and dodge overzealous ad blockers.

Scroll through your Facebook feed and you’re likely to see the results of a friend’s online quiz announcing her “design personality” or whether her approach is “hot or cold.”
These quizzes are more than just a fun diversion. They generate sales leads and they’re advertising that isn’t stopped by an ad blocker.
Social media quiz master JP Misenas wants more marketers to make quizzes part of their content mix. “Social media quizzes have been one of the most underrated, yet effective types of content every marketer should try,” writes Misenas in his blog post 4 Brands that Have Successfully Used Quizzes as Performance Content. Quizzes are relatively affordable to create. They easily integrate with most marketing systems, and they drive social media traffic and sales while also bringing in new customer leads.
Most people can’t resist a good quiz. “It gives us a chance to prove to ourselves how great we are, how smart we are or how much we know about a specific topic of interest,” Misenas writes.
Misenas offers advice on creating online quizzes in his blog posts How to Drive Online Revenue Using Social Media Quizzes, and How to Create a Quiz for Lead Generation and Online Sales.
Let your brand’s personality shine in the questions, use images that entice the reader and keep the quiz short, with no more than 10 questions.
The quiz should offer personalized results for each customer so you can deliver product recommendations that are specific to each person. You can do this by either recommending a single product, Misenas writes, or by assigning people to a certain personality type that corresponds with a group of products. “Using quizzes as a way to deliver personalized product recommendations has been one of the most effective marketing strategies to incorporate in online retail,” Misenas writes.
Here are two examples. Z Gallerie, which sells products to professional and amateur interior designers, created a quiz that asks, What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?. Birchbox, an e-commerce brand that sells beauty and health products, created the quiz Find Your Face Mask Soul Mate in One Minute.
Misenas recommends you have the lead capture form pop up right before the quiz results are revealed. Don’t ask for a lot of information. A name and email is probably all you need.
To make the results worth sharing on social media, Misenas recommends they be impactful, positive and short – no more than two or three sentences. “Tell everyone how awesome they are,” Misenas suggests. “Focus on the good traits to evoke positive emotions. People are more willing to share something that says something positive about them.”
And, don’t forget to serve up an attractive image with results so the post is noticeable on Facebook.
Customer follow-up seals the deal. Misenas recommends you thank them for taking the quiz. Then, a few days later, send a list of other possible results they could have received from taking the quiz. A week later, send an email that highlights a customer case study or testimonial. Then, after two weeks, send an incentive such as a coupon, discount code or webinar signup to convert your lead into a customer.

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