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The Best and Worst Snapchats of 2016 (So Far)

While some brands see the potential to reach their audience, others marketers don’t quite seem to get Snapchat.

Snapchat, the preferred social media network for millennials, is becoming more and more influential in the world of marketing.
The platform has 100 million active users, receives four billion views daily and is the fourth most-popular social media sharing site.
If you’re thinking of jumping on this platform, first take a look at the best and worst campaigns on the site since the start of the New Year. It’ll give you some guidance and serve as a warning on what to do and what not to do on Snapchat.

The best: Pepsis #Wethebest 

To get people pumped about its new Super Bowl ads, Pepsi teamed up with DJ Khaled, who is known for having a huge Snapchat following. Before the company aired the official promos at the game, it enlisted Khaled to Snapchat a photo of a Pepsi bottle at a party for the brand using his signature hashtag #wethebest. What better way to get your audience excited on Snapchat than to team up with one of the biggest celebs on there?
DJ Khaled worked with Pepsi to promote its Super Bowl ads on Snapchat

The best: Dominos Dough to Door

At the end of January, Domino’s made its grand debut on Snapchat. The company posted a video of a deliveryman going through obstacles to make it to the customer’s home. To keep viewers engaged, Domino’s listed random letters throughout the video that spelled out a unique promo code for online pizza delivery.
The Dominos deliveryman had to face aliens before delivering the pie

The worst: Bernie Sanders political campaign

Leading up to the Iowa caucus, the Bernie Sanders campaign started circulating a Feel the Bern filter around Snapchat. The filter announced how far away the voting was and simply promoted Bernie. While it’s a good try, the campaign was far too boring and had no edge. But, hey, at least Bernie looks cute as a cartoon.
Bernie Sanders transformed into a cartoon to grab votes via Snapchat

The best: Burberrys #THISISBRIT

To target a younger audience, Burberry brought on Brooklyn Beckham to help out on Snapchat. They hosted a live campaign in which for one day Brooklyn was followed around while photographing up-and-coming models. Snapchat followers got a taste of who the new talent is in the modeling world and connected with the brand through the eyes of the 16-year-old influencer.
Brooklyn Beckham shooting for Burberry for its #THISISBRIT campaign

The worst: 20th Century Foxs Deadpool promotion

“Deadpool” may be getting rave reviews, but its Snapchat campaign just doesn’t live up to the movie’s humor. To promote the film, 20th Century Fox created “Deadpool” filters on Snapchat that were, well, lame. Check out this one, which is just a downright bad play on words.
A Snapchat filter that promoted the movie Deadpool circulated during the Super Bowl

The worst: Ted Cruzs Ducking Donald filter

Another presidential nominee, Ted Cruz, ran a bland campaign on Snapchat to try and get more votes. This time, he mocked Donald Trump in a very PC way because Trump wasn’t at the Iowa caucus debates (he “ducked” out). The geofilter was available where the debates were held.
Ted Cruz + Snapchat = a Ducking Donald filter

The best: Rihannas video preview

Rihanna released recently behind-the-scenes footage for a new video to her fans on Snapchat. It built excitement online about her upcoming album “Anti” and gave fans a sneak peak at what’s to come. Showing your audience a taste of life behind the curtain is always a plus on the platform.
Footage from Rihannas new video made its Snapchat debut

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