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Are You Part of the 83 Percent of Marketers Curating Content?

Land high-quality leads by curating interesting and relevant content from trusted sources.

Everyone wants more time and more money. Content marketers are no exception. According to the Curata’s Content Marketing Benchmarks, the top three problems facing content marketers are a limited budget, creating enough content and finding content creators. But at the same time there is increasing pressure to create more quality content to compete in today’s world of content marketing and SEO battle.
Creating content can take time and costs money but more brands are turning to content creation as part of their content marketing strategy. Curata found that 83.3 percent of marketers use content curation, which means sharing content from another source through social media, a blog roundup post or other methods.
However, curation should not be used as an entire content marketing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute recommends a mix of 65 percent created, 25 percent curated and less than 10 percent syndicated.

Benefits of content curation

The biggest benefit of curating content is it typically takes less time to find a great piece of content to share than create content from scratch. This leaves you time and money to spend on other aspects of your content marketing where you can add unique value. Even more than that – curation can increase revenue. Curata found that 41 percent of marketers who curate content have found curation increased the quality and/or number of leads. Additionally, over half felt curation increased brand visibility, thought leadership and SEO.
While curating content, brands learn what content is already available and what content does not currently exist. This allows brands to create the content that fills a void while avoiding repeating a blog topic that has been written about 76 times this week alone.
While every marketer has a goal of staying on top of what is out there, it can be challenging to make time for this unless you are actively curating content as part of your strategy, which requires constantly surveying the current landscape. The end result is the content dollars that you do spend on creation are more likely to be effective because you are creating something unique.

Challenges of content curation

Simply curating whatever content you stumble across isn’t going to give you the results you want. The trick is finding quality content from reputable sources that will be both interesting and relevant to your customers and readers. When curating content, you want to demonstrate that you understand readers’ needs and can help weed through the endless noise of content.
The results you see with content curation come down to picking the right content at the right time for your specific audience. If you share poor content that does not help solve their problems, readers will lose trust in your brand and will be less likely to read your content, either curated or shared, in the future. But when you share content that resonates with someone, their trust in the brand grows and they feel the brand understands their needs.
When it comes down to it, this is the goal of content marketing. And both curated and created content when blended together get you to the same place.
The Numbers:
83.3% of marketers curate content
41 percent of marketers who curate have found increased quantity and/or quality of leads
65 percent created, 25 percent curated and less than 10 percent syndicated is the recommended mix

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