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Hot Beats and Tasty Treats: Content Marketing Breaks Into Music

With tracks that include everything from autotune to user-generated lyrics, content marketers are using music as another form of outreach.

Everybody wants to be a rock star, and there’s no reason content marketers should be any different. But while most of us sound pathetic when we get the mic, occasionally, content marketers get to live that fantasy. Here are five examples of brands both large and small that dropped tracks which might not make Dre jealous but would Mos Def (see what we did there?) have Young MC thinking “comeback.”

Hamburger Helper

The Hamburger Helper mixtape has been making the rounds since its April 1st launch, and it’s perfect because it successfully exemplifies both how Hamburger Helper waters down hamburgers and how auto-tune has watered down the rap game.


Oreo Canada channeled a little Death Cab for Cutie in this jam that certainly steered thousands of northern hipsters toward the classic cream-filled tastes of pure heaven.

Under Armour

Contemporary music doesn’t get cooler than Pharrell, and obviously nothing is more terrifying than future NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. Under Armour combined the two to charm/intimidate you into shelling out for their gear.


The production quality doesn’t quite match the rest of the list, but McDonald’s 1989 Menu Challenge Songs still stands as some of the most brilliant content marketing ever. It had millions of people competing to see who could memorize more of its menu. That’s content marketing genius.

Better Bail Bond

At the local level, nobody does it quite like the bail bond industry does. This A Better Bail Bonds song is one of hundreds of impressive bail bond themed songs floating around YouTube, with a little (unacknowledged) help from Nelly. When you can get your target demographic chanting your phone number while bobbing their heads, you’ve won. Shake your bailfeather.

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