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Brands, Artists Pay Tribute on Memorial Day

Over a weekend that many celebrate as the unofficial start of summer, brands and artists remind us that Memorial Day is meant to be a day of remembrance.

Brave men and women sacrificing their lives for freedom has been an American tradition since the Revolutionary War. Many brands and publishers take this to heart on Memorial Day, turning their campaigns towards gestures of appreciation for those who have served. Some of the great artists in American history have created content for recruitment and to rally morale on the homefront; here are six examples of content that salute the troops.

WWE’s Annual Tribute to the Troops

Every year, the venerable sports entertainment monolith World Wrestling Entertainment puts on a show to thank the troops for their service. The link above shows how serious the WWE is about honoring the troops and the inclusion of Howie Mandel in the program surely has several vets wondering if it was all worth it.

Budweiser Soldier Tribute

This Budweiser commercial could reduce even the most anti-war Bernie Bro to tears. It doesn’t matter what you believe. As Americans, we’re all emotionally vulnerable to the slow clap.

The New Avengers: Spirit of America

This 2007 tribute reminds us all that if you’re not on Team Cap, you deserve whatever happens to you. With this issue, Marvel continued a long tradition of comic book salutes to the troops.

DC Comics Wants You to Buy War Bonds

And that tradition can be traced to WWII, when comic books were frequently tapped to promote the allied cause. Batman, Robin and Superman frequently hawked war bonds on the covers of their comics.

Will Eisner Was Always Dope

Speaking of comics, Will Eisner, the literal inventor of modern comics and graphic novels, did his service to his country by integrating comics into Army training during WWII. He also helped establish the Army publication PS featuring a character he created named Joe Dope from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Coca Cola Reunites Vietnam POWs

Of all the vets in US history, Vietnam vets don’t seem to get their due often enough. Coca Cola changed that with this content marketing campaign in 2014.

Saturday Evening Post Tribute

Complete with cover art from the Norman Rockwell, the All-Americanest artist ever, the Saturday Evening Post sponsored this Tribute to the Troops contest.

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