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Video Marketing Is Already the Future, So What Are You Waiting For?

The use of video in branded marketing is blowing out other forms of marketing in many ways. This includes all the great elements of content marketing, including blogs, infographics, slideshares and social media interactions.

A June survey from video company Animoto shows that more than 84% of the marketers surveyed say they’ve done a marketing video over the past year. And more investment by both enterprise companies and SMB brands is expected in 2016 and beyond. The survey shows that marketers believe:

  • Video marketing directly impacts their business;
  • Video is a ‘must-have’ to show relevance with audiences online; and
  • They will spend more money on video in marketing budgets in the coming years.

Brands Get It Now

Video marketing took some time to build momentum, but sometime in 2015, brands finally discovered video marketing. A Magisto report on video marketing showed that 55% of small-to-medium-sized businesses surveyed produced an online marketing video in the past 12 months.
Brands (and their customers) wanted sights and sounds, vanity and vision. The tools were there for all to create and distribute. And brands started producing more online video content to:

  • Drive engagement
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Keep visitors on sites longer
  • Encourage social media shares
  • Boost conversions

Growth of bandwidth/IP traffic

Now, halfway through 2016, online video marketing (and more accurately, live video marketing) is on the top of the content marketing heap. And it’s about to get bigger, much bigger.
Global IP traffic is expected to triple in the next five years, and will have shown 100x growth from 2005 to 2020, according to a Cisco Visual Networking Index white paper. And from the same report, broadband speeds are expected to zoom up to 47.7 mbps by 2020. That’s a big leap up from last year’s 24.7 mbps.

Why online video works

Research shows that customers view a brand more positively after watching a video from the company. It means that video is a better communicator of a brand’s products, people, and position. For brands that are all-in on video marketing, it’s about increasing opportunity to reach new audiences. Conversions are higher with the use of video, as this Vidyard infographic points out.

Making video marketing work

Here’s how to make video marketing work for your company or brand:

  • Know what makes your product or service unique, develop messaging around those attributes and then try to visualize it with both DIY video and more professional video tactics.
  • Create a series of videos to engage, enrich and enthuse your target audience.
  • In turn, your brand or product/service will reap the benefits.

Marketers don’t have to be large or have massive budgets to create great video marketing. The Squatty Potty example is one way that business ingenuity can trump undernourished budgets.
And the opportunities on live video platforms create even more opportunity for brands. Facebook offers brands and services the opportunity to tell their story in video form using Your Business Story service. With such huge audiences on Facebook everyday, the benefits of sharing a great video about a brand can be enormous.
Consider summer audiences. Many people will be relaxing in backyards, picnics and beaches to enjoy the stretch of summer weather. Now is the time for brands to make great videos and reach these potential consumers while they’re relaxed, receptive and ready to buy.

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