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McDonald's, Tom's Shoes Dig Into VR Campaigns

Big brands are experimenting with virtual reality ad campaigns to bring customers into new immersive experiences. See what’s coming soon to a set of goggles near you.

Big consumer brands are experimenting with using virtual reality in conjunction with content marketing campaigns to lure consumers to their products and services.
It’s a fast-growing market, both for VR developers and the brands using the technology to reach customers in unique ways. Research firm Mordor Intelligence forecasts that the $1.2 billion virtual reality market in 2015 is expected to grow tenfold to about $13 billion by 2020. And while virtual reality devices on headsets is currently the main device, expectations are that devices that track gestures will grow over time.

Brands and Developers

Volvo, McDonald’s, Marriott Hotels, Visit Florida and others have used the emerging technology to create immersive advertising experiences for consumers. Behind the technology is a support foundation led by the likes of Samsung, Oculus (Facebook) and Google to be the providers of all things virtual reality technology.
For instance, Google has spent millions of dollars already creating virtual reality content, and in late August, announced that it was is getting content lined up for its upcoming Daydream virtual reality service. Daydream will be a sort of Android Play store destination, with apps, short films and games made for virtual reality. It’s expected to launch in September, with popular apps being fed into its virtual reality environment.


McDonald’s is among those major brands experimenting with virtual reality campaigns. The fast food giant is sending its UK consumers on a virtual reality tour of its restaurants, and also on a VR tour to farms and factories where it gets its ingredients.
Users who don virtual reality headsets made by Oculus and Samsung can visit the farms where McDonald’s sources its ingredients. There are also affiliated farm and factory related games through the VR experience.
Additionally, McDonald’s locations in Sweden are turning Happy Meal boxes into foldable virtual reality headsets. Once assembled, Swedes can play a family-friendly ski game with the headset.

Visit Florida

The State of Florida’s tourism board recently partnered with Scuba Diver Life to produce and release four virtual reality films designed to draw attention to unique vacation and tourism experiences in the state, using immersive 360-degree visual technology.
Click here to view a 360-degree view of the Rainbow River in Dunedin, Florida, as captured by an underwater diver/camera operator.


The shoe wear brand Tom’s in California is marketing with customers in virtual reality. Customers can put on virtual reality headsets to check out what it’s like to go to Peru and give out free shoes (Tom’s gives out a free pair of shoes for every pair purchased). Check out a deeper article here on Tom’s VR campaign.

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