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What Snapchat’s Three-Year Partnership with Wimbledon Means for Digital Marketing

Snapchat’s three-year deal with Wimbledon proves that the old adage remains true: marketers follow where consumers lead. With roughly 60 percent of smartphone owners using Snapchat, it’s not surprising that this social giant has become the darling of modern marketing.

Consumers’ ever-shortening attention spans demand quick, snappy content, and Snapchat delivers just that with its limitless 1- to 10-second video clips. For its multi-year Wimbledon deal, Snapchat has agreed to share the sporting event’s live moments, including footage from users during the women’s and men’s finals.
So, why is this newsworthy? This move demonstrates a concerted effort to bring Wimbledon to a fresh set of eyes. In an interview with The Drum, the event’s digital boss, Alexandra Willis, remarked, “It’s about engaging with a younger generation.” Snapchat offers an ideal entry point for Wimbledon and other events, businesses and industries to gain exposure to millennials and younger consumers.

Digital Marketing and Snaps

Marketers are increasingly realizing that audiences ignore traditional advertising. The tried-and-true formats of the past irritate and bore consumers rather than enticing and exciting them. As the three-year Snapchat deal proves, it’s all about humanizing the brand. Modern marketers use technology to tell their stories, generate valuable and relevant content, build trust and make connections with potential consumers. Snapchat’s snaps and stories enable brands to deliver quick messages and short videos that build rapport with followers.
The app’s format lends honesty and realness to every snap or story. Savvy brands use social media to give followers a window into what they do without any over-the-top productions or expensive setups.

Snapchat Stats

Social media has been the darling of digital marketing for several years. Where Facebook and Twitter have fizzled a bit, Snapchat has excelled. Snapchat’s impressive stats include the following:

  • Snapchat’s videos get more than 10 billion views daily, approximately 2 million more than Facebook
  • Ads on Snapchat get up to 1 million views daily
  • Snapchat has about 10 million more users than Twitter
  • Snapchat boasted 400 percent growth from May 2015 until May 2016

This explosive growth and wide-reaching influence is changing the way brands integrate digital marketing campaigns. These new strategies help brands engage with their audiences, reaching new demographics in effective ways.

Maximize Snapchat Marketing

There are five main steps to developing a stellar Snapchat strategy, all of which translate to digital marketing as a whole. First, brands must outline their goals. Second, focus the campaign around launches and provide behind-the-scenes access to offer an edge. Third, to reach the widest audiences, identify and include Snapchat influencers. Fourth, develop a partnership with an influential Snapchatter and start promoting the campaign. Finally, after rolling out the campaign, measure performance and adjust the future of the campaign accordingly.
Facebook and Twitter might be old standbys at this point, but they need to make room for the new kid in town. The tides have turned, and digital marketing is increasingly discovering fresh ways to reach a widening audience. Snapchat’s deal with Wimbledon demonstrates the wave of digital marketing’s future.

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