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Weekly Roundup: News and Trends

Miss your weekly dose of content marketing news and trends? We’ve compiled some must-read stories and articles to catch up on this weekend.

Skittles: Taste the Controversy

Donald Trump Jr. caused quite a social media stir when he tweeted a captioned photo of candy on Monday evening. What had the internet abuzz (and Trump’s supporters cheering)? He compared poisoned Skittles to Syrian Refugees. Political and social opinions aside, many marketers waited to see just how the brand would handle this controversial and unwarranted publicity. Denise Young, VP of Corporate Affairs for Wrigley Americas, responded with the following statement:

Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy. We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.

Those following the story applauded the response as smart and on-brand, which is the right way to handle such a case of viral controversy. Read on.

Leveling Up in the Gaming World

Gamers rejoice: video game content is only improving with recent advancements in technology and a surge of interest in immersive experiences. Like many others, writer Joe Lazauskas has a hunch that influencer marketing, live streaming, and VR/AR will soon drive the gaming world into an even more powerful medium for digital interaction. These tech trends offer up immersive and memorable experiences that most — no matter how they feel about gaming — will enjoy trying out. Read on.

‘Creators for Change’ Banks a Million

One of Google’s most recent initiatives, ‘Creatives for Change,’ supports YouTube creators who are using their digital media talents for good. The program, which currently includes six ambassadors, just received a financial boost of $1 million from YouTube. The funds are set to help Google’s group of do-gooders create content that will, “drive greater awareness of social issues and foster productive dialogue,” according to YouTube’s head of public policy Juniper Downs. This inspirational and educational project will no doubt make a positive addition to YouTube’s vast collection of videos. Read on.

Le Monde Gets Serious on Snapchat

French newspaper Le Monde recently joined Snapchat’s Discover network, which helps Snapchatters finds channels that deliver interesting content daily. Le Monde is shaking up the Snapchat game by posting a variety of news content, including serious stories that differ from the app’s usual fun and funky vibe. Is this a sign that Snapchat’s landscape may be shifting to include a wider range of interests? Read on.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

All the strategies, that is. Pokémon Go found its recent success by blending augmented reality with mobile gaming, tapping into an existing fanbase while luring in curious newbies. That method for madness (and success) has left many content marketers scrambling to learn from the app and adapt their own strategies accordingly. Entrepreneur contributor Yatin Khulbe recently explored five lessons that marketers can take away from Pokémon Go when evaluating the state of their content strategy. Read on.

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