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Marketing Blog Ideas

One of the biggest challenges content marketers face is coming up with ideas to keep their content “fresh.” If you’re regularly blogging for marketing purposes, it can be tough to keep things interesting or to find things to write or post about.
If you feel like the idea well has run mostly dry, these marketing blog ideas can help to replenish it.

Guest Posts

For a while there, guest blogging was thought of as the magic potion for SEO. While it still does have some benefits for SEO, there are other reasons to consider asking a few guest bloggers to contribute to your brand’s blog.
One significant benefit is that your brand can gain some exposure, especially if the guest blogger promotes their guest post to their audience. Just remember to vet the blogger and the posts they create before you let them go live on your blog.


Are you worried that your audience has FOMO? One way to help them avoid it (and to come up with fresh ideas for your blog at the same time) is to post recaps of any events your company hosts. For example, you can ask a staff member to write up a quick recap of the company party, or ask an attendee to write a recap of a concert or other performance your brand might have sponsored.
Make sure to include plenty of high-quality pictures with the text, to really immerse readers in the event and give them the sense that they were there.


One piece of advice you’ll often come across when it comes to content marketing is to make your content useful. When it comes to blog ideas, there’s really no content that’s more useful than a how-to post.
When you create a how-to post, you’re showing a person step-by-step exactly how to do something. At the end of a successful post, the reader walks away with a new skill and a feeling of accomplishment.


Here’s one way to have a bit of fun with your blog: Get into a friendly debate. You can have posts that follow a “he said, she said” format, where one writer argues one point and someone else argues the opposite.
Another option is to take the opposing view on a topic that’s trending in the news or on social media.

Customer Profiles

Take a minute and shine the spotlight on your customers. Writing up a customer profile not only gives you a chance to share the love, it also helps others who might have something in common with the customer you’re highlighting learn more about the benefits of working with your company.
You can create a customer profile by interviewing someone, or by asking people to fill out questionnaires and editing their responses for clarity.

Link Roundups

Another thing worth remembering is that your marketing blog shouldn’t be all about you. It’s often worthwhile to create link roundups, and to share relevant content from other blogs or websites with your audience.
Link roundups also tend to foster goodwill online, as it’s a very rare blogger who wouldn’t want their blog or website linked to by another blog.


If you regularly have to share a lot of data with your blog readers, using infographics can help to make all that data a lot more digestible. According to the Harvard Business Review, the thing infographics are really good at is giving you the “gist” of a lot of data.
Of course, it’s important that the data you provide your audience in a infographic be accurate. The Atlantic highlighted some of the more egregious offenders when it comes to fake infographic data. In the era of fake news, it’s even more important that the data you present to your readers be legit.


Slideshows can get a lot of hate online, but when they are done well, they can be quite useful. For example, they are pretty much the same thing as a list, and people love lists.
If you’re worried that a slideshow is going to drive people away, you can always give them the option to view all the info on one page.

Product Roundups

Product roundups are similar to link roundups, except instead of links, you’re compiling a list of products. Focus on products that are relevant to your niche, and that will help people solve a particular problem.

Open Thread

Out of ideas? Hand the keyboard over to your readers. Open threads give people a chance to jump in and discuss their concerns with their fellow readers. You can choose a theme for each thread, or take an “anything goes” approach and let people talk about whatever they want.

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