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15 Brands With Big Instagram Followings

Instagram logo on pink background

Instagram is one of the most used used social channels, but gaining a following isn’t easy. It takes time and resources to rack up impressive numbers. If you’re influencer looking to work with big brands, here’s a list of 15 brands with massive Instagram followings that are worth watching:

National Geographic (@natgeo)

National Geographic photographers explore the world and take its 190 million followers with them. Posts include views of a volcano in Iceland, orcas in the ocean, or teenage horseback riders in Mexico.

Nike (@nike)

Nike celebrates athletes and highlights milestones for its 179 million followers with posts on Tam Tam Basketball,  the Super 5 League, which is a London football community for women and non-binary players, and break dancers on Dakar’s beach.

Real Madrid (@realmadrid)

A Spanish soccer team based in Madrid, these 13 time-European champions were named the Best Club of the 20th Century by FIFA. The club posts player profiles, gameday shots, and  pictures of players in action, which 105 million followers seem to love.

Chanel (@chanelofficial)

Chanel, the iconic perfume and makeup line, enchants its 47 million followers with pictures of its products and ad campaigns. It is one of the most prolific posters on Instagram with 3,983 posts.

FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona)

This soccer club has 101 million followers on Insta who love to learn about players and take an inside look at coaching and travel. Followers get a daily dose of their favorite “Barca” players, including  athlete profiles and birthday shout outs.

Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret)

The iconic “Pink” brand has 70.5 million followers, who monitor the channel to check out new collections and styles. The brand takes a body-positive approach with posts for full-figured women, makeup products fit for everyone and comfortable, sexy bras.

Zara (@zara)

Zara, a Spanish apparel retailer, demonstrates fashion and beauty in a new, modern way for its 47 million followers on Insta with artsy storytelling, products and fashion demonstrations. Their social channels take on an edgy, serious look with many pictures in black and white.

9GAG (@9gag)

What could be more fun than memes and videos? 9GAG, a Hong Kong-based site reaches 57.5 million followers with its random surveys, drawing contests, and videos that will entertain, like this video of a fearless young skateboarder. 9GAG focuses on UG content, which could provide inspiration for other brands.

UEFA Champions League (@championsleague)

Soccer, or football as it’s called in Europe, has a big following, which is why there’s another soccer brand on our list. The UEFA Champions League treats its 81.9 million followers (yes, 81.9 million) to matchday statistic highlights, question sessions, and lots of spontaneous shots, like this one of a player stuck in the rain.

NBA (@nba)

The NBA has 60.6 million followers on Instagram with 43,945 posts so far. The 75-year-old organization posts about the NBA draft, special court plays by star athletes, and thoughts on rookies that are rising to stardom.

Huda Beauty (@hudabeauty)

The cosmetic brand built by Huda Kattan, a known makeup artist and entrepreneur, has grown on Instagram since it was launched in 2013 to reach 40.5 million followers. As you might expect, a lot of posts focus on makeup tips like how to use Lifeline liquid eyeliner or how to add a punch to your browline.

BMW (@bmw)

Who doesn’t want to see the inside of a new luxury car? The European car company gives followers a chance to look at new models and offers surprisingly stunning images of cars with dramatic backdrops on its Insta page. This shot of a car with a city skyline or this colorful shot are examples.

Prada (@prada)

With a foundation that dates back to 1913, it’s no surprise that Prada is on top of marketing trends. Its 27.7 million Instagram followers love to track new products or check in on fashion shows

Anastasia Beverly Hills (@anastasiabeverlyhills)

Another beauty brand makes our list with 19.5 million followers. Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for its brows, with #AnastasiaBrows racking up 3.6 million views. The company posts about products, brow services and makeup looks for men.

Starbucks (@starbucks)

The iconic coffee spot Starbucks has a cool 17.8 million followers on its Instagram page. It spices up its Instagram with seasonal selections and keeps it grounded with posts about sustainability.