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He writes from experience.

Author Dan Norris saw a need and created a WordPress support business from scratch, and in less than two years, it turned into a company bringing in an annual run rate of more than one million in Australian dollars. Norris had spent less than $200 in advertising.

Content Machine: Use Content Marketing to Build a 7-figure Business with Zero Advertising tells Norris’ story, and he shares what he learned in building his business, which was not his first, but was the one that succeeded.

Norris started off creating content every day, but realized that more than 90 percent of it was never being viewed. He lays out a three-part plan to make sure you don’t go down that same path. He goes over the basics of content marketing, including how to stand apart from others and make sure your content is memorable.

The book spotlights what makes companies, both large and small, successful and shows how content can help. Norris shares some insight on how popular content marketers became prosperous, and also provides the top blunder that ends up killing content marketing attempts.

Content Machine presents readers with a foundation to build content marketing, from concept and creating rules to employing and building a team.

Norris considers himself a serial entrepreneur as well as an award-winning content marketer and international speaker. His first book, The 7 Day Startup, became a top 10 bestseller in three Amazon categories and has been translated into five languages.

Content Machine is available in paperback and as a Kindle e-book.

Review by John T. Garcia