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Opening your eyes to IP.

You have created content for your social media channels and have an app available for download.

But what do you, or your business, know about intellectual property? Are your content and app protected?

Social Media and IP: Social Media, Intellectual Property and Business (Intellectual Property Basics for Businesses Book 4) explains how individuals and businesses can glean benefits and even make money from intellectual property on social media.

Author Kalyan C. Kankanala, who holds a doctorate in patent law, shares his wisdom on the plethora of intellectual property on social media platforms and how it relates to business, and discusses some of the opportunities and the risks associated with IP on social media. Kankanala also provides case studies dealing many of the major players in the social media game.

The information in Social Media and IP is relevant to anyone who uses social media, not just to businesses looking to make money.

The book covers not only distributing content and the aggregating it, but also taking it down when necessary. Kankanala also touches on the rights of celebrities as they relate to intellectual property and social media sharing.

As a business, you most likely are protecting your brand’s trademarks and patents, but are you doing so online? Could your employees be sharing trade secrets when posting to social media and not even realizing it?

Kankanala manages an intellectual property firm, BananaIP Counsels, in Bangalore, India. He also consults for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and has received international acclaim and recognition for his intellectual property work.

Social Media and IP is available as a Kindle e-book.

Review by John T. Garcia