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Digging deep into the digital secrets.

Author Mark W. Schaefer’s latest book, The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business, takes your marketing to the next level. Sure, you already have content, whether it’s a blog or social media channels, or both, but things seem to be stagnant. This is where The Content Code comes in.

Schaefer offers six methods that can help you and your business forge through the flood of information to succeed, as he shows you how to navigate around web content, social media platforms and search engine optimization. “The Content Code” will assist you in boosting your marketing plan and provide you, your business and your clients with a marketing combination to unlock greater potential.

With chapters such as “Structure, Strategy and The Content Code” and “Social Signals and Social Proof,” Schaefer delves into the psychology of social media sharing and how you can use that in your content creation. The Content Code helps you find your “alpha audience,” those followers who will share your content and help drive your message. Schaefer offers 22 quick-hit actions for content that will drive your message and assist in building your business, no matter the size of the business or the intended audience.

The Content Code teaches you that if your audience cannot find your content, it is basically wasted. Therefore, you need to turn the key and launch your message so that your target audience will see it. The book provides the needed keys and launch codes by discussing the roles of promotion, dissemination and SEO, and talking about the relationship of your brand and the content you are publishing.

Schaefer has written four previous books, including The Tao of Twitter, which he has updated twice since its 2011 debut. He also runs a well-known blog, {grow}, one of the world’s most-acclaimed marketing blogs. Schaefer is an educator, speaker and consultant through his company, Schaefer Marketing Solutions. He holds advanced degrees in organizational development and marketing, and has seven patents.

The Content Code is available as a paperback, as a Kindle e-book and as an unabridged audiobook.

Review by John T. Garcia