Add to Cart? “Death Care” Is an Online Shopping Category

By July 19, 2016Snack
The world of eCommerce has allowed consumers to literally buy anything online — even their final purchases.

Whether you’re planning ahead (like way ahead) or unfortunately have to plan a funeral for a loved one, the internet, predictably, can make things easier. These companies are simplifying death services by providing eCommerce options for everything from coffins to estate planning.


If there is one thing a casket should be,  it’s dignified. And that can be tricky when ordering one online. Dignified Coffins takes the guesswork out of ordering. Buyers simply choose the coffin of their choice, add it to their cart and check out. Coupons welcome!



What’s a funeral without the overpowering scent of flowers? Major brands including Teleflora and 1-800-Flowers make it easy to buy and send flowers with a few clicks of the mouse.


Estate Planning

Gone are the days of having to schedule an in-person meeting with a financial advisor to discuss estate planning. Online Estate Planning allows those who prefer a less-personal touch when it comes to their assets’ final arrangements to complete legal documents via an online rep.
Estate Planning


Whether big or small, intricate or simple, the perfect headstone can be designed, ordered, paid for and delivered all from online entities such as Timeless Headstones. PayPal accepted.


Burial Shrouds

For those who prefer a green burial sans the coffin, they can choose a burial shroud, even determining material and color from Kinkaraco. And for those who want to go out in real style, check out the company’s Mort Couture line.

-Burial Shroud

Burial Plots

When it comes to a final resting place, one might think you’d have to visit your chosen burial plot. However, Grave Solutions allows interested parties to bypass traditional funeral homes and cemeteries for an affordable solution to buying and selling 6-foot-deep plots of land.

Grave Solutions

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