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Presidential Candidates Attempt Content Marketing, Largely Fail

In an attempt to win over the American people, the 2016 presidential candidates, for better or worse, have been producing their own content online. While you might trust one of these people to run the country, would you trust any to run a social media account without an assistant?

Hillary Clinton

Hand it to Hillary: She has a great editor running the official Hillary Clinton blog. Rather than focus on herself, Hillary’s content actually focuses on the issues that her demographic cares about, including gay marriage, terrorism, the negative side of the Republican party, and health care benefits.
She also knows that millennials like her; why else would her blog feature gifs and memes from “The Princess Bride?”. She doesn’t get Snapchat, though; watch the moment “chilling” died.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be upsetting half the nation, but he sure is entertaining. Just check out his Instagram, where he has over 830,000 followers.
He finds great footage to put down his adversaries, including one where Barbara Bush says that Jeb shouldn’t run for president, and one of Obama taking selfies. Is Trump qualified to be president? He does post good photos, like this one of him with the cast of “Goodfellas?”

Even Barbara Bush agrees with me.

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Bernie Sanders

Bernie: Lighten up, dude! His Twitter is filled with harsh statements and criticisms of the U.S. government. He posts his views multiple times a day, but makes them as dry as possible. In a single day he posted the following tweets:
“Greed, unquenchable greed, is destroying our country. And a few people cannot have it all, while children in America go hungry.”
“For the Kochs, $100 billion is not good enough. They will not be satisfied until they are able to control the entire political process.”
“If we are serious about moving beyond oil toward energy independence and combatting climate change, then we must ban offshore drilling.”
“We are one of only 13 nations in the entire world, that doesn’t guarantee workers a paid vacation. Is that a family value?”
We get it, Bernie. America is screwed. But can’t you retweet a funny joke once in a while? Points for consistency, though.

Jeb Bush

Here’s the thing about content marketing. You have to post something that’s at least a little interesting.
All the videos on Jeb’s website feature Jeb himself. Guess what Jeb’s blog is about? It showcases more Jeb videos and posts about everything Jeb: His views, his plans, and how he absolutely crushes it in the debates (that last one is debatable). His one LinkedIn post was on his ideas about big government. There’s no entertainment value here. If you want to succeed, stop. Stop right now, Jeb. Here’s a turtle.

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