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Subway & WWE Put the Smackdown on Content Marketing

Internet users are jaded, so when two seemingly unrelated brands fuse to make a hilarious Twitter page, people take notice.

Who would have thought that bland ham sandwiches and ham-fisted, homo-erotic theatrics would ever join forces to create content marketing magic? Well, the thought apparently crossed one weirdo’s mind, and it turns out that enigmatic loon/hero was correct.
The Twitter-spawned Subway WWE Experience takes everything that is right about the internet and turns it into a wild orgy of WWE and Subway that is an undeniable content marketing treasure for both brands.
While it’s certainly disconcerting any individual could possibly like both Subway and the WWE this much, that has not stopped the Subway WWE Experience from becoming a bit of a sensation. With 43.5 thousand followers and a stamp of approval in the form of a mention by @Subway, let there be no doubt that an unknown sandwich freak/wrestling fanatic has cracked the code to multi-brand content marketing synergy.
So far, @WWESubway has put out just over 100 GIFs and image-heavy Tweets melding the WWE and Subway experience. Here are the five funniest:

On the D-Lo

A tour de force of WWE love and Subway sandwich eating swagger. George Jefferson couldn’t do it any better.

Stoned Cold Munchies

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is your typical guy who smoked a sherm stick just before dreaming about a 12’’ Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub. Happens all the time.

The Selfish Subway a.k.a the “Suck It”

This one speaks for itself in late 1990s WWE sign language.

Old People in Every Line, Everywhere

Wanting to smash old people obviously strikes a chord with everyone. Who hasn’t secretly dreamed about taking a guitar to some senior citizen’s head while they count exact change out of their damned depression-era change purse? Wait a minute….You have actually dreamed about doing that? I was kidding.

Holy Sh*t, That’s Bob Uecker!

Honestly, this one was included simply because it has Andre the Giant choking out Bob Uecker. And Bob Uecker is one of the funniest men to ever walk the face of the Earth. If you don’t believe us, ask some of the funniest men currently walking the face of the Earth.

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