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Your Kids' New Role Models Are All YouTube Stars

For the younger generation, TV is an afterthought compared to their YouTube heroes.

A recent Variety survey found the five most influential celebrities for Americans ages 13-18 aren’t mainstream stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen, but YouTube celebrities. That might explain the YouTube Heroes line of toys out last year before the holidays, aimed at boys ages 6-9.
None of this should be surprising given that teens watch far more online videos than traditional television, according to the Youth Research Center. Online video, viewed on social media or video sites like YouTube, is watched by 96% of youth at an average of 11.3 hours a week, the center found. In comparison, 81% of teens and millennials watch traditional TV, for an average of 8.3 hours a week.
Do you know who your kids are watching on YouTube? Here are the 10 most influential YouTubers, according to Advertising Age.

PewDiePie, 41.9 million subscribers

Jenna Marbles, 15.8 million subscribers

The Fine Bros., 13.9 million subscribers (and dropping)

KSI, 11.8 million subscribers

Ray William Johnson, 10 million subscribers

Bethany Mota, 9.8 million subscribers

Prank vs. Prank, 9 million subscribers

ComedyShortsGamer, 5.8 million subscribers

Shaytards, 4.1 million subscribers

EvanTubeHD, 2.5 million subscribers

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