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Engagement Now! Ride Your Social Media Strategy to Digital Gold

If it’s online engagement you want — and you do — then get to know your social media tools and the best ways to use them.

So you finally got around to setting up that company Facebook account, and found your way to Twitter for the first time. All you need now is to sit back and watch the followers pile up.
Not exactly. Joining social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest — and expecting a sudden stream of traffic is like expecting six-pack abs the moment you step into a gym. These things take work.
But if you want online engagement, putting in the reps will eventually get you there. The process includes learning how and when to use the right social media tool for the best results, and setting your strategy to get the right type and level of engagement for your needs.
First, not all social media channel are created equal. Plastering your profile on every site you come across will only stretch your valuable media time and won’t necessarily move the needle on engagement. Focus on the high-performing sites that best match what you do, and spend your energies there. And don’t disregard smaller, industry-specific outlets, which may offer a better quality of engagement.
If the site doesn’t allow you to present your profile and subsequent posts in a manner befitting your professional standards, don’t bother. Poorly designed sites can have a negative impact on your brand just by association.
Once you’ve found the social media sites you like, the temptation to post and post and post some more, all before 10 a.m., can be strong. But subjecting your followers to digital overload can be a major turnoff, as in they turn you off by unfollowing. As part of your social media strategy, set up a schedule of when to post and stick to it. This will help you focus on quality content that educates, engages or reinforces your brand’s core message.
Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your social media channels and fine tune them to the makeup of your followers. If you’re posting during the day, workers in a busy office may feel uncomfortable playing that flashy dance video you produced. Save that one for after hours, and keep daytime posts limited to thoughtful text, photos and infographics.

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