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Make It Count: Leverage Your Evergreen Content for Better Results

Digital moves fast, so don’t be afraid to re-use what you already have. Even adding or changing small elements can breathe new life into a piece of content.

So you’ve planted your evergreen content, tended it from a seedling idea to a towering blog post on your site. Now what? Unlike real evergreens, which at least provide some fresh air to the world, your evergreen content adds little value unless you promote it as part of a larger, well-executed strategy.
Cultivating your evergreen content into an effective marketing campaign can transcend the latest buzz by providing long-lasting expertise users come back to time and again. Think of sites such as Wikipedia or IMDb as the ultimate in evergreen content, providing valuable and relevant information. And while it doesn’t require much maintenance, which is typical of evergreen content, it is promptly updated if new data come along.
The first step in maximizing the benefits of your evergreen content is to start linking it to other content you’ve created, such as other blog posts, web pages on your site and ebooks. Seeding your website with internal links to your quality evergreen content will drive even more traffic to it, a tactic that also improves your search engine optimization.
It’s also smart to mix evergreen content links in with headline-grabbing trendy posts, which helps boost the credibility of those quick hitters. When included in material promoting one-off marketing campaigns and limited specials, it offers users some bonus value and another reason to engage with your site.
You’ll definitely want to include it in your social media campaigns as well. Evergreen content is a great resource (and excuse) to post to any or all of your social media channels, and can be one of the best ways to drive yet more traffic to your site.
Of course, you’ll want to tailor that content to the specific social media you’re using. For instance, Instagram calls for a compelling photo to pair with it, Facebook a relevant graphic, while Twitter is best served with a newsy hook.
Finally, use analytics to gauge which evergreen content and social media outlet is the most effective. Analytics are a great way to identify your top posts and add them to your evergreen list. By looking at keyword metrics, you can see which posts rank best with the specific keywords you’re trying to rank. This helps you figure out topics for additional evergreen content to create.

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