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5 Types of Content GoPro Produces That You Can, Too

Learn a few content tricks from the masters of video, GoPro. 

GoPro isn’t just the king of video; it’s the king of content. The company, known for capturing amazing video through its mini mountable cameras, produces a variety of content that keeps users entertained, engaged and informed.
Here are five types of content that GoPro produces that you can, too: 

Action Videos

It’s no surprise GoPro produces a lot of video content. One of the main features on the GoPro website is a series of action videos that showcase crazy feats. Here’s a look at the GoPro channel.

Video Tutorials

GoPro helps users get the most out of its products by providing unique video tutorials. These short videos show users how to do things like trim and share video using apps. Here’s a link to the GoPro video tutorial page, and a video that’s online:

News and Updates

GoPro keeps its users in the loop by writing news articles. The articles cover everything from GoPro-sponsored events to new athletes who are trying out new products. GoPro keeps it all organized on The Inside Line page.

User-Generated Content

GoPro asks its users to submit photos and videos, too. The company has an ongoing contest for content creators. There are a variety of categories aimed at every skill level. As submissions come in, GoPro shares them online. Check it out.

Support Content

 When a GoPro user needs some help troubleshooting a new accessory or isn’t sure of the settings on a camera, he or she can access the company’s online support desk. The content provided here ranges from manuals to information about software updates.

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