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Spreading Content Marketing: The Gospel of Gary Vaynerchuk

As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “I’m a salesman!” A self-made entrepreneur, Gary probably knows more about creating, promoting and distributing content on the web. Read how this CEO of Vaynermedia nails the essence of content marketing.
“Hustle” is the single best word to describe the key to Gary Vaynerchuk‘s success.
Hustle has been his mantra over the past decade, helping to move Gary into the top ranks of Internet marketing gurus. Today, Gary Vaynerchuk is CEO of a digital marketing agency, Internet investor, a conference speaker, a best-selling author and daily Internet presence through his #AskGaryVee Show.

Energetic entrepreneur

The first time many content marketers heard about Gary Vaynerchuk (pronounced VAY-ner-CHUK) was in 2006 when the then-30-year-old started a video blog for his family’s retail wine business in New Jersey, saying he felt he was putting too much text content to his customers, and technology had given him a new way to share information.
Untitled1He called the show Wine Library TV and it was the first video blog dedicated to the wine business. From a content marketing perspective, Gary was definitely ahead of the pack. He ended up producing 1,000 (+1) videos for Wine Library, cementing his status as a hustler, an entrepreneur and content marketing pro.
In his clip “Overnight Success” Gary explains how “luck” had nothing to do with his success. While his friends were hanging all summer at the Jersey shore, sleeping till noon or reading magazines, Gary was hustling to make his family business successful. He did, eventually turning the family wine business from a $3 million business into a $60 million company just five years later.
“Hustle” also propelled Gary to an eventual path of authoring best-selling Web marketing books, becoming a sought-after speaker on the B2B marketing circuit and starting his own marketing agency, VaynerMedia, with offices in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chattanooga.
Gary believes that for content marketing to be successful, content marketers must understand the chosen platform and the desired audience. In a 2014 Entrepreneur article, Gary gave two rules for great content marketing. Content marketers must:
Respect the platform: know that the followers on different social media platforms are there for different aspects. Understand that and respect the content that you put on the platform.
Respect the audience: in a nutshell, put content up that your audience wants, not what your brand has to share. Make the content worth your audience’s time to read and consumer your content.
Seek out his YouTubeshow #AskGaryVee for entertaining and info-filled wisdom from one of our business’s brilliant marketing minds.

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