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So Meta: A List About Listicles

The consensus is a lot of curated lists – better known as “listicles” – are poorly written, lacking meaningful content or are just plain inaccurate. Yet, the public can’t seem to get enough of someone else’s idea of a Top Five.

1. Pronunciation, Please

Take a listen and try not to giggle.

2. So What’s a Listicle?

Everybody likes British accents, especially when they’re giving us the 411.

3. Eleventy Is a Real Number Because This Guy Says So

Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel talks really fast, but manages to offer “eleventy reasons” why listicles are “undemanding,” “inviting” and “readable.”

4. If Freud Had Listicles

Vanessa Hill (who appears in the above video as well) of BrainCraft shares the psychology of listicles, and includes some awesome and completely confusing terms like “cognitive fluency.” Mike Rugnetta also appears in this video.

5. Pop Culture, the Listicle Curator and Those Whiny Coal Miners

We, the Internet, created a video that mocks the alleged self-importance of listicle curators and the unimportance of those who provide us with what everyone assumes is a significant energy source.

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