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Your Content Needs To Be Retweeted by Guy Kawasaki

It’s not enough for someone to read your content, you want it shared. Here’s why you need Guy Kawasaki.

Every content marketer knows the key to great content is creating something readers want to share. Unless your brand’s content is showing up in your audience’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, customers and potential customers aren’t going to find it and read it.
This is why influencers such as Guy Kawasaki are essential to your brand’s content marketing strategy. Kawasaki, the former “chief evangelist of Apple,” has nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers. He attributes his Twitter success to providing interesting and thought-provoking links to his followers. His tweets are often retweeted, exposing him to more people who, in turn, follow him as well – exponential growth.
Sharing great content is the secret to getting your tweets retweeted and gaining a huge following, he says. The key is to position yourself as a content expert by acting as a content curator.
Kawasaki and his team of contributors constantly search the Internet for content that is interesting, educational and funny. They will tweet about anything they believe will elicit a reader response, Kawasaki writes in his blog. He’s not opposed to tweeting the same content more than once. In fact, he admits to tweeting the same link multiple times a day, if the content is good. This, he says, allows you to reach multiple time zones with your content.
Before the rise of social media, newspapers, magazines and news outlets had a lock on good content. Now, Kawasaki says, there are thousands of sources of interesting and entertaining content. The trick is to find it. In his book, The Art of Social Media, Kawasaki writes, “The biggest challenge of social media is finding enough content to share.”
That’s where the content curator comes in. Kawasaki believes content curators should become more niche oriented, serving different industries. Those who curate the best content from multiple sources should be rewarded financially. Curating the best content, he says, is just as important as creating content.

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