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5 Brands With Distinctive Marketing Voices

How do you get your content marketing to stand out from the crowd?

One of the biggest challenges content marketers face today is how to stand out from the crowd. They’re quickly realizing the answer isn’t more resources or budget: it’s more focus, with attention to detail.
You get the pain point (likely because you’ve lived it), so let’s get to the point. Here’s how five brands are differentiating their voices by sweating the “small stuff.”


Reaching fitness aficionados who love functional clothing.

Lululemon relies on customer feedback – focusing on actual needs on the market – to develop blog content that offers practical tips. As a result, the information shared is on point, relevant and has a built-in audience among target buyers. The company mixes these tips with practical topics that appeal to the readers’ imagination and desire for adventure. These elements converge to create a voice that “speaks out” to help audiences live happier, more empowered lives.


Reaching smart millennials who don’t have time or enthusiasm for cooking.

Plated stands out in its content marketing by laser-focusing on its audience on a demographic and psychographic level. Rather than taking the route of a traditional recipe blog, this company aims to inspire millennials, a highly educated demographic, with content that’s informative (i.e., tackling the problem of not having time to cook great cooking) and inspirational (i.e., tackling the problem of them not having an interest in cooking). The company’s blog resonates with its website mission statement, “Cook more, live better.”

First Round Capital

Educating the startup community.

VC firm First Round Capital is well known among startup enthusiasts, small businesses and even individuals at corporations. In some communities, the firm’s blog is a household name. Known for its in-depth stories and profiles, First Round stands out because of its unwavering commitment to nuance in storytelling. Every blog post comes with a less-than-obvious lesson learned or takeaway.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Helping recruiters do their jobs better.

Reaching an audience of recruiters, LinkedIn’s Talent Blog features eclectic perspectives from leaders in the recruiting industry who are tied together by a united, aspirational voice. The blogging team ensures each piece of content comes with an actionable takeaway.


Making mattress shopping fun.
A mattress is a high-consideration purchase so it makes sense for a company like Casper to have a blog. But how often are people actually buying mattresses? And what are the chances a mattress company will succeed in using its blog to generate audience loyalty? Casper has confronted the challenges that come with these questions and publishes a blog with interesting, funny, and compelling topics. It’s a fun and fresh voice in an otherwise serious and mundane industry.
What do these companies share in common? A laser-focused understanding of their audiences. Know who you’re reaching, and pay attention to the subtleties.

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