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Campaign Overload: The Top Political Memes

The 2016 U.S. presidential election cycle is arguably the most insane campaign ever seen. Candidates from both parties wage a daily war marred by media outbursts, nasty comments on Twitter and propaganda videos on YouTube.
But it’s the GIFs and memes that are the true superstars of this year’s anarchic presidential race. Memes are now everywhere, filling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, even moving off of 4Chan boards and Reddit threads to mainstream news and culture sites.
Here’s the roundup of some of the memorable political memes that have stumped to the forefront.
“Trillary” deftly combines Hillary Clinton’s hair (maybe?) and ears with Donald Trump’s face. One could argue that the photo-combination yields something altogether more pleasant than each of the candidates themselves.
Ted Cruz, too, has had his hands full of Internet snarksters dashing out memes about his candidacy. From allegations of his not being a naturalized born U.S. citizen to his alleged marital philandering, the GOP candidate is funny fodder for the meme scene.
Memes aside, don’t forget the power of video, as seen by the team that develops Bad Lip Reading.

And Funny or Die is all over the 2016 election, creating videos about both sides of the political aisle. “Well Done,” featuring two buddies who barbecue and share great banter, lampoons the top political candidates with a wink and a nudge.

Of course, there are those who think Donald Trump would be a viable candidate if he could only close his mouth every once in awhile. However, that seems to be genetically impossible for the businessman candidate. Maybe your mom has posted this one on Facebook.
Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders also comes in for a lot of GIFs for his cranky old man nuances and his socialist leanings. Here’s a faked episode in which Sanders lays down the law.

And Sanders takes a lot of Web criticism for his fanciful approaches to major American issues:
If this entire political campaign should crumble under its own weight of idiocy, then maybe Americans everywhere can go old school and bring it back to the modern era’s first savvy political powerhouse.

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