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Cosmetics Brands Paint the Spectrum of Content Marketing Assets

Women have a lot of choices when it comes to beauty, but these cosmetic companies are using content to make their presence known.

Americans spend $8 million on cosmetics every year. To claim their piece of the profit pie, beauty brands are tapping into new content marketing trends. Here’s a look at a few favorites.

Shiseido: Foundation Finder Quiz

Interactive content is not only pulling buyers in to the sales funnel, but allowing brands to track engagement and provide a personalized outcome. Shiseido uses this formula to provide buyers the perfect foundation—and easy path to purchase.

Clean & Clear: YouTube Channel

With nearly 100 videos created specifically for teenage girls, the CleanandClearUS YouTube channel is making a huge impact on young women’s confidence, self worth and beauty. Some videos have garnered more than 4 million views, proving the right message can go a long way in brand awareness.

Sephora: Pocket Contour Class

Problem: Contouring (a makeup technique for chiseling the face) can be confusing. Answer: Sephora’s mobile app, which makes it super simple, with product recommendations along the way. In one word: Genius.

Pantene: NFL Dad-Do

While Head and Shoulders has Troy Polamalu, Pantene has gathered a whole team of football players for its latest campaign: NFL Dad-Dos. This project is all about bringing in a new audience by tugging at the heartstrings. With more than 7 million views, it seems to be working.

Aesop: The Fabulist

Knowing the target audience is half the battle, and quality-first Aesop knows its buyers appreciate the finer things in life, including the written word. The Fabulist is a bi-monthly literary online magazine that features “intellectual nourishment” while the brand’s products provide the body’s nourishment.

Bobbi Brown: #PrettyPowerful

Content campaigns often serve double duty. Makeup line Bobbi Brown uses the social media campaign #PrettyPowerful to not only get the word out about the brand, but to also help raise funds for women and girls’ empowerment in developing countries. Feeling good about a purchase has never been so easy.

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