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The Best of Onion Labs’ Sponsored Videos

When it comes to entertainment and shock value, no one has The Onion beat. Here are seven top brands capitalizing on the humor.

Bored employees have been turning to The Onion for a midday-laugh break for years. Now brands can exploit The Onion’s satire through its in-house agency, Onion Labs, reaching a whole new digital audience—one that truly appreciates satire. Here are top brands cashing in on comedy.

Cheetos: Dangerously Arts and Crafty

Apparently if there’s one thing satirists enjoy more than jokes, its cheese. Cheetos’ Dangerously Cheesy videos have racked up more than 1 million YouTube views, making them one of Onion Labs’ most successful clients to date.

Lenovo: Tough Season

Computers these days are used for one thing (mainly)—fantasy football. Lenovo tapped into the “underdog” status of so many passionate “players” with its mini series, “Tough Season.” With each episode garnering tens of thousands of views, there are plenty of viewers looking forward to Season 3.

Honda: Wolf Rider

Office worker turned bad-boy? In Honda’s Wolf Rider series, Kyle hears “the call” and embarks on a journey of “righting wrongs and making wrongs right.” Follow his journey in this (sorta) action-packed mini series.

Skyn Condoms: Naked Office

Imagine walking into a job interview and everyone is naked. Maybe it sounds like one of your nightmares, but in this case it may just turn out to be a dream come true.

Lending Tree: Are You Stuck in a Loveless Mortgage?

If we could write a letter to our mortgage, it would probably sound more like a hate letter than a love letter. Onion Labs nailed it with this ad for Lending Tree. Seriously, nailed it.

Allegra: Dogs don’t like to be sneezed on! They like to be petted.

Allegra knows what dogs like, and this actor shows viewers in a superbly creepy way.

Movember by Gillette: Train

Who doesn’t love a lineup of manly mustaches? Onion Labs helped Gillette rev up men for Movember (men’s health month) with these short clips.

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