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SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

It’s easy to think that SEO is all about metrics and keywords, but, reading between the lines, it’s clear that efforts to win the Google battle are just another form of content marketing.

It’s natural for marketers to stop and wonder what they’re trying to accomplish with SEO. They’re trying to drive traffic to their sites, but they need to think clearly about what exactly is on those pages. Aside from coding, it’s all content. And considering the fact that 70–80 percent of users ignore paid ads in favor of clicking on organic search results, it’s important that marketing pros get the blend of SEO and content marketing right to drive visits to company pages.
Don’t spend too much time trying to demystify what makes people click — focus on providing worthwhile content to click on.
Everything about SEO efforts, from choosing keywords to keeping consumers on a site for more than a few seconds, is about content. Marketers should be carefully crafting their SEO efforts in the same way they would a blog post or promotional video. According to Vinny La Barbera at imFORZA, “search is the number-one driver of traffic to content sites,” and it beats social media in this regard by nearly 300 percent. When marketers treat their SEO efforts like content marketing, their approach can change for the better. Focusing on improving search rankings is what drives consumers to a site.
Drive the audience somewhere they actually want to go while driving clicks to a site.
Rather than seeing keywords as mere words, it’s time to think beyond the trends. Marketers must think deeply about why their target audience is searching for those specific keywords and scrutinize the things they think the audience wants to see as a response to their queries. For now, a keyword — not a picture — is worth 1,000 words. Its value might be buried, but thinking hard about what to provide consumers to capture their attention takes content strategy closer to where it ultimately needs to go.
It’s also critical for marketers to ensure every aspect of an SEO campaign is tailored to meet a specific need for their audience. Whether they’re selling a product or need clicks on content, it’s no secret that most people don’t engage with content that doesn’t serve a personal purpose. Content marketing is the real source of traffic for most sites, but that all starts with SEO. SEO is what leads people to the door, and content marketing is what invites them in, how marketers differentiate once they get consumers to click.
SEO is what leads consumers to the door. It’s a marketer’s job to make sure the content is inviting enough to keep them around.
Targeting robots alone isn’t the main goal when engaging with SEO. The algorithms and search engine bots are part of the process, but when a strategy helps get keyword selection accomplished correctly, there’s no need to worry about them. Marketers should focus instead on the content aspect of what they’re putting out there and connect to the human side of things to really get the job done.

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