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Brands Turn to Mobile to Reach Latino Audiences

80% of Latino adults now use mobile to reach the internet. Learn how marketers are shifting their focus in reaching this growing online demographic.

Increasing numbers of Latinos using mobile are prompting marketers to shift their marketing dollars toward mobile spends. That’s one conclusion from a recent Pew Research Survey on Hispanics and their internet usage.

Eighty percent of the Hispanic adults surveyed accessed the internet from mobile devices, either for search, online purchases or visiting social networks. The survey showed that this group is engaged with online ads, and respond highly to content and ads that matter to them, regardless of the platform or device.

Growing Customer Force

Some numbers about this growing consumer force:

  • U.S. Hispanics are a fast growing group, now numbering over 55 million in the U.S.
  • About 18 million Hispanics are 18 years old or younger
  • Hispanic Millennials (aged 21-37) make up about 27% of the entire U.S. Hispanic population.

A 2015 Google study on indicated that young Hispanics are searching online using their smartphones and also buying goods from online sites. The study noted that 68% used their mobile device to search for online sources prior to making online purchases. Another 83% of used their mobile device in a store before making a location in a physical location.

Demographic Insights for Marketers

Latino marketing consultants Latinum offers up 5 distinct marketing insights to help brands better market to this growing online group:

  1. Use bilingual customer service reps – If you are marketing to Hispanics, make sure you’re able to respond to customer needs in their native tongue.
  2. Value for money – Because young Hispanics tend to earn less than non-Hispanic millennials, make sure you offer value for money, and even throw in coupons, discounts and other online incentives to move purchases.
  3. Family is important – Young Hispanics often live with their parents, due in part to a strong family aesthetic. Make this family aspect shine in your brand’s marketing efforts.
  4. Speak their language on social networks – By 2019, there will be over 40 million young Hispanics on social networks (see chart below). It’s important that social media interactions are in their Spanish tongue.
  5. Young Hispanics are truly multi-cultural – Brands can get creative with multi-cultural identity issues, and show an organic, creative vibe in their marketing.

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