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ICYMI: Weekly News Roundup

Busy week? We’ve got you covered with top news and must-read content marketing articles.

How Slate is Battling Facebook for Traffic

Most marketers are no stranger to the fight against Facebook algorithms. As it becomes increasingly difficult to get your content in front of loyal Facebook followers, brands are looking for fresh ways to keep the social media site in their toolbelt. Slate might have found a solution, and for them, it’s simple.
How’d they do it? They began producing more content, including political podcasts and daily newsletters, both of which have helped boost site traffic by 31 percent. Slate hopes that creating content with a unique point of view will continue to increase loyalty. Read on.

Branded Content Creation is Up, Engagement is Down

According to a recent report by Beckon, branded content creation has seen a year over year growth of 300 percent. While that may be exciting news for marketers, Beckon also found that, despite this boost in content creation, consumer engagement isn’t on the rise.
According to the CEO of Beckon, Jennifer Zeszut, just 5 percent of branded content accounts for 90 percent of engagement. The rest is falling flat due to low quality, with brands scrambling to produce too much content at once. Read on.

Get Ready to Slip on a Pair of Snapchat Spectacles

Seems like most big brands are excited to get on the wearable tech train these days, and Snapchat is no different. The popular app recently announced Spectacles, which are sunglasses with a camera that connect directly to Snapchat through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The brand hopes Spectacles will be a fashionable win for trendy tech users keen on capturing and sharing memories from their point of view. Read on.

A Look at Google, Sans Ads

The majority of savvy Internet users simply gloss over ads when they appear on their social feeds or pepper their Google search results. Financial services and investment firm Wedbush Securities wanted to see just how Google would look through the lens of an adblocker. The result was a refreshingly bare and clean page that reminds us how cluttered and ad-heavy some corners of the Internet have become. Read on.

Scotch Whisky Brand Macallan Experiments with Chatbots

Macallan is on a mission to better connect with consumers, and part of that strategy now involves a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The purpose of the bot is simple: to answer basic questions about Scotch whisky and then encourage the buying process.
The brand’s aim is to educate its consumers about the product by reaching them through innovative means of communication in an effort to stay on top of trends. Macallan also recently upped its Instagram game with a variety of lifestyle content aimed at young adult consumers, which resulted in a 250 percent growth in the previous quarter. Read on.

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