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The Content Dating Game: Why It's Essential to Excite Email Subscribers

When email is one of your marketing tools, it is essential to get subscribers excited about your content quickly. Subscribers join for various reasons, but most would agree that it is because they find your content relevant and interesting.

The best way to gain new subscribers (and new potential customers) is to provide exciting email content that they will share with others, and for many, that’s half of the content dating game.
While marketers today many turn to social media as the one-stop-shop for engagement and connection, there’s no deny the powerful impact that email marketing can have on your strategy as a whole.Here’s why email is worth your time.


Email marketing is powerful and cost-effective if used properly. ROI for email marketing can be as high as $40 for every $1 spent, which is an undeniable benefit for budgeting marketers who need wiggle room on other expenses. Email tops SEO, internet display, and mobile when it comes to getting more for your invested money.

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Established Relationship

According to Joe Pulizzi, “If you have your choice, email subscription is the most important type of relationship you can have with your subscriber.” Joining a subscription list is an indicator that the person is willing to move beyond a casual social media relationship and receive regular content and updates from your organization. Regular emails are a solid way to stay connected with your established subscribers with less worry that you won’t reach them when you have important information to share.

The Human Connection

Online content readers are searching for a spark that draws them in. Jimmy Daly looked into email case studies and found a common thread: personal connection. Rather than simple “thank you for purchasing our product” emails, CD Baby concocted an elaborate description of their shipping process.
CD Baby

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This approach from CD Baby felt witty, humorous, and best of all: it went viral. Why? The personal touch was just enough to draw readers in and make them hit that share button to spread the love.

Personalization Grows Your Subscriber Base

One of the fastest ways to get a reader to open an email is to use their name in the subject line. Neil Patel noted that using a subscriber’s name in the email subject line can increase email opens by more than 18%. Well-written content tailored to your readership encourages subscribers to share information about a brand and continue their relationship with you, as it boosts loyalty. And you simply can’t go wrong with brand loyalty that delivers.

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