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67% of LinkedIn Users Tout Themselves as 'News Junkies'

There’s a new audience waiting for brands on LinkedIn, marketers just need to know how to grab hold of it. On this social platform, it’s all about news.

Although many content marketing efforts are aimed squarely at Facebook, there’s significant value to be found in promoting a company’s interests on LinkedIn. They simply need a way to approach users cruising through LinkedIn during a free window at work or browsing the LinkedIn app in their spare time. The task is all the easier when marketers begin and end with the news.
More than two-thirds of active LinkedIn users self-identify as news junkies, according to a study conducted by Wibbitz. That means the vast majority of LinkedIn users are actively looking for the most up to date material on offer. That compulsion to be on top of developing stories is a great jumping-off point for any brand without a solid place to start.

Don’t drain the budget with boosts.

When marketers hope to optimize placement on LinkedIn, especially at the beginning of a campaign, it can be tempting to shell out a few hundred bucks to hopefully tip the scales in their favor. For brands on a budget, that’s not always the best idea.
As it turns out, even an investment of a few hundred dollars likely won’t yield the same results as an identical campaign run on Facebook, according to Pear Analytics. Of course, that’s not surprising considering that LinkedIn doesn’t have nearly the number of users as Facebook.
That’s why the best bet when tackling LinkedIn is to post consistently for several months, as opposed to paying for quick results. It may take longer, but growing an audience organically will ultimately serve a brand’s budget far better.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s extra space—but don’t abuse it.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn affords its users the opportunity to express themselves with a little extra landscape on each post. Marketers should use as much of that extra space as they can while being mindful that they’re sticking to the facts and present a succinct message.
As the Wibbitz study reports, while most LinkedIn users are willing to investigate both short-form and long-form articles, the best results come from well-written posts that fall somewhere in between.
Why find that sweet spot? Longer posts tend to draw a surplus of users over lengthier periods of time, likely because potential consumers are dissuaded by the sheer amount of information. On the other hand, short-form posts draw high numbers, but the bounce rates tend to be astronomical.
As a result, medium-length articles are bound to attract a moderate number of users who remain invested in the content a brand is providing.

Be patient, and focus on quality over quantity.

Brands need to take a slow and steady, thoughtful approach to trends when updating their LinkedIn page. It’s essential to provide newsworthy information in a timely fashion, while still making good use of the extra space without clogging up the news feed.
Like with most content these days, it’s about quality over quantity. Finding ways to naturally tie brand messaging in with trending topics is sure to succeed. With patience, the right content will attract that news-hungry crowd logging on to LinkedIn.

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