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5 Lies Your Mother Told You About Content Marketing

Ways Your Mother Lied to You About Content Marketing

We’ve all heard at least one of the following whoppers. But, did you know that many of the funny fibs that your mom told you when you were little can be applied directly to the world of content marketing? Read on to learn about how these five lies can help you up your content marketing game.

Lie #1: “The ice cream truck’s music only plays when it’s out of ice cream.”

This lie was surely born out of necessity, as moms everywhere recognized the power of that iconic jingle. As the all-too-familiar tune echoes through the neighborhood, kids work themselves into a frenzy for which getting ice cream is the only solution.
That same power of the familiar, recognizable ice cream truck tune relates directly to the power of quality content marketing. Content marketers must keep their voices and content consistent and recognizable across all platforms. And ideally, they should create content that gets stuck in their audience’s heads all day long.

Lie #2: “If you eat enough vegetables, they start tasting like candy.”

The struggle is real. Kids rarely enjoy their veggies, and parents want their kids to eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods. So, what’s the solution? Make them believe that it will eventually meet their cravings.
Content marketers sometimes have to take something that might not be the shiniest, tastiest thing around and show their audience why they need it and how delicious it will ultimately be. To do so, marketers must either become the authority on the subject matter or connect with the right influencers who can connect with a large audience.

Lie #3: “I sit outside of your school all day so I’ll be right there in case you need me.”

This is a favorite among parents of little kids and those with school-related anxiety. Moms and dads recognize their kids’ need to feel safe, and they use the lie to help reassure them that they aren’t alone.
Likewise, content marketers create custom content that fills a need for their audiences. Ideally, the best content addresses unmet needs or unanswered questions to provide useful advice and information to their customers.

Lie #4: “You only get 10,000 words to say every month. Once you reach this limit, you won’t be able to speak again until next month.”

Parents everywhere have experienced this at one time or another — kids can be an endless source of chatter. In an effort to curb some of the chit-chat, some parents lie to give their kids the illusion that they can only say so much. When they’re getting a little long winded, they can warn them that they’re reaching their quota, and convince them to quiet things down.
This is directly relatable to the content marketing principle of quality. Just as a kid who only has a set number of words per month needs to value every word, content marketers recognize that it’s better to have a limited number of quality readers who engage with your content and your brand rather than an enormous following of people who essentially disappear from the conversation.

Lie #5: “If you don’t stop making that face, it’ll freeze that way.”

Crossed eyes, silly expressions, and other funny faces send parents everywhere reaching for this versatile treasure. It’s simple but effective because it expresses a clear point of view.
Content marketers shouldn’t shy away from taking a stand or expressing a point of view. After all, readers respond best to content with a unique and very human voice. They also want to know what you — the expert — have to say on the matter. Don’t be afraid to get real. Instead of leaving you disfigured, it will build your following and keep them loyal to your content.

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