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10 Content Marketing Topics Your Audience Wants To Read About

Content Marketing Topic Ideas

When you create content for your company, you’re up against a lot of competition. Fortunately, some topics always seem to grab people’s attention and make them want to read.
Every day, somewhere in the neighborhood of two million blog posts get written and published online. Every year, Google processes trillions of search queries, and 15 percent of those queries are on topics or with keywords the search engine has never seen before.
To stand out in a super crowded field, you need to write on topics people want to read about. Whether you’re blogging, producing videos, or writing long-form white papers or ebooks, choose one of these 10 content marketing topics and you’ll have a hit on your hands.

Top ___ Listicles

Lots of ink has been spilled on the reasons why people love listicles. In this case, you don’t need to know the why behind listicles — you just need to know that they are a sure-fire way to grab and keep attention. There’s a listicle for every topic and every industry, so think of a few things relevant to your brand, put them together in a list, and produce content gold.

How To’s

Successful content is useful content, and there’s really no more useful content than a well-thought-out how to. How to’s are actionable, meaning they give people clear instructions and guidance about the actions they should take to complete a task.
What do people Google? How to _____. Heck, entire websites exist simply because people are always Googling how to do something or other.
Fill in that blank by producing how to’s that help people figure something out.

News-Related Content

It’s called newsjacking, and it’s the art of producing content that’s related to a trending news story so that your brand gets the attention it wants.
If you’re going to produce news-related content, you should err on the side of caution. There are plenty of cases of newsjacking gone terribly wrong. Be relevant and timely, but don’t make light of tragedies or serious news pieces. In other words, stay away from disaster-related stories and stick to the light and fluffy.

People-Centric Profiles

People love to hear other people’s stories — just look at how popular memoirs and biographies are. Profiles of people connected to your company, whether it’s your employees or customers, help to humanize your brand. They give your audience a way in and a look at the people behind your business.


“Yeah, but does it work?” is often a question people have when they find out about a new product. Tapping a group of influencers to try out and review your product is one way to create content your audience wants. Plus, online consumer opinions and reviews are the second-most-trusted form of content out there.

Fact vs. Fiction

What’s fact and what’s fiction? Even if people don’t believe it, they love it when others “myth bust” or present facts that dispel a common rumor or belief. In every industry, there are plenty of myths or misconceptions. Make a list of them and the reasons why they’re false, and you’ll have a hit.

Problem-Solving Posts

Like how to’s, problem-solving posts provide people with useful, actionable content. Usually, problem-solving posts seek to put to an end to the pain a reader is experiencing, while how to posts can be more lighthearted.

Life Improvement Advice

Who doesn’t want to be more productive, more organized, and more healthy? Probably no one, which is why articles and blog posts that claim to improve a person’s life in some way or another are always going to be popular.


There are a few ways to work celebrities into your content. You can base your content off of something a celebrity recently did — sort of like newsjacking, but with a pop culture twist. Or you could go the speculative route and create a piece along the lines of “What Would Queen Bey Do?” or “Name the Kardashian and We’ll Name Their Favorite [product created by your brand].”


Quizzes are great because they promise to tell the reader something he or she doesn’t already know about him/herself. And who can resist that? Quizzes are also must-create content because they can easily be adapted to pretty much every industry. If you’ve been struggling to make content that gets shared and actually read, try producing a quiz and see what happens.


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