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Corporate Content Marketing Solutions to Explore

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Corporate content marketing has emerged as a crucial strategy for businesses to engage audiences, build brand awareness, and drive growth. For marketers navigating this complex terrain, identifying the right corporate solutions for content marketing can be transformative. This blog aims to guide marketers through an exploration of effective corporate content marketing solutions, offering insights and strategies to elevate your brand’s content game in the corporate world. Take a look at how brands use these solutions and what to look for in these helpful marketing platforms.

Key components of corporate content marketing

Corporate content marketing is made up of four parts, including: 

Content strategy

Content strategy explains how your company uses content to accomplish set goals. It’s a road map to guide your content marketing ideation, creation, and distribution phases. Your strategy should include: 

  • Overall corporate content marketing goals
  • Operations plan to create content
  • Well-defined target audience
  • Audience needs and solutions provided by your content

Content creation

Using a content calendar, you’ll plot out the content you plan to create. Assign creators to write articles, shoot videos, or produce graphics, and use the calendar to track due dates and publish dates. 

Content promotion and distribution

Once you’ve created a piece of content, you must get it in front of your audience. Make plans to promote the content and distribute it to different channels. Use your corporate social channels to share content, but consider additional methods, too, like asking influencers to share your content or putting advertising dollars behind it to boost its exposure online or on social. 

Content performance analysis

To ensure your corporate content marketing efforts are worthy of your time, check metrics regularly. Common metrics tracked include: 

  • Engagement metrics
  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • ROI
  • Leads generated 

Benefits of corporate content marketing solutions

Corporations rely on content marketing to connect with customers and build long-term relationships. Given its importance, it makes sense for marketing teams to use a platform or a marketing solution to provide assistance. 

The benefits of using them include:

  • Building brand reputation and trust
  • Driving traffic and improving SEO
  • Encouraging customer engagement and loyalty 
  • Generating leads and boosting sales

How to choose the right corporate content marketing solution

Content marketing solutions can help you plan, create, optimize, and measure your content, all of which are helpful to marketing teams. However, with so many options on the market, it’s hard to choose the right one. To help, here’s how to narrow your search: 

Identify your content marketing needs and goals

Get the team together and think about what your brand needs help with. More specifically, think about: 

  • The problem you need to solve
  • Who will use the platform
  • What goals you hope to achieve

Evaluate different content marketing solutions

Start doing your homework, paying special attention to the features each platform offers. Look at the content creation and editing tools, content calendar options, scheduling possibilities, workflow and collaboration tools, SEO optimization, reporting, and integrations. 

With so many choices, it’s best to take notes as you research. 

Consider your budget

One of the biggest deciding factors will likely be your budget. While you want a tool that provides the assistance you need, you’ll need to weigh it against the money you can spend. Prioritize the features you need and demo your top two choices so you can make an informed choice.

Popular corporate content marketing solutions

As mentioned, you have a lot of solutions to choose from. To aid in your research, here’s a look at a handful of corporate content marketing solutions to consider:

With a network of hundreds of creators, can help you create and grow your content marketing efforts. You can customize what you need. Whether you’re seeking help crafting weekly blog articles or want to outsource your entire content marketing process, has the technology and talent to support your brand.


If your brand needs help planning content, CoSchedule is your choice. This platform focuses on its core feature: an innovative content calendar. With this tool, you can not only plot due dates but also assign tasks, collaborate on pieces, and schedule social posts to promote your content. 


StoryChief focuses on scheduling content for multiple channels. It can push a blog article to WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, email service providers like MailChimp, and your brand’s social channels. It relies on your team’s abilities to plan and create content but aids in promotion and distribution. 


Planning, optimizing, and reporting are the strongest features of Ahrefs. You’ll find tools to help you compare your content to competitors, conduct keyword research, audit your site, and measure performance. It offers subscription tiers to customize the features and payment you want. 

Steps to implement a content marketing solution

Ready to get your team on board? Implement your new content marketing solution by following these steps:

  1. Review your content marketing strategy.
    • Explain how the platform will meet your needs. 
  2. Assign supervisors.
    • Usually, you’ll elect one or two people for this role.
  3. Create a workflow.
    • How will content move through the platform?
    • What steps will it take?
    • Who is involved in each phase?
  4. Onboard your employees.
    • Set up an initial meeting to go through the platform.
    • Meet in groups (like writers and designers) to access specific duties.
    • Consider doing a test with one piece of content to test the workflow and employee involvement.
  5. Tweak the process
    • Gather feedback and tweak your workflow to improve its functionality and effectiveness. 

Measuring the success of your corporate content marketing solution

Many content marketing solutions include reporting. Use it to its fullest advantage. Given the dedication of time and resources for content, it’s important to ensure you can see how your content is received. Your metrics can help you improve your content and, ultimately, improve your ROI. 

Wondering which metrics to watch? Here’s a look at common metrics that are tracked:

  • Brand awareness metrics: Likes, shares, follower count, users, and page views
  • Engagement metrics: Click-through rates, @metions, comments 
  • Lead gen metrics: Number of leads obtained, conversions
  • Sales metrics: Demo request, revenue, purchases

Corporate content marketing solutions can help your brand elevate its content by driving traffic, improving SEO, and boosting engagement and sales. These easy-to-use platforms are meant to ease your workload and clarify marketing attribution, making them an integral part of your efforts. Consider content marketing solutions like Request a consultation today.

Are you using a corporate content marketing solution? Share your thoughts below.

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