Not Everyone Has a Short Attention Span

By January 27, 2016Snack
Story telling is one of the oldest forms of inspiring audiences — and it can still work for brands today.

Is it always necessary to take a hit-and-run strategy of trying to engage, inform or persuade audiences before they click and leave after a matter of seconds?

Despite the notoriously short attention spans of consumers, some marketers are finding success with long-form videos. Brand content that tells a story via a “mini movie” can last two, five or even 10 minutes — and these videos often don’t mention the advertiser’s product.

Companies including American Express, Nabisco, Chipotle and Nike have all found success with long-ish brand-content videos in the form of stories, airing both stand-alone stories and serials.


Storytelling is personal. It creates a much stronger bond between a consumer and a brand. Companies looking to become an aspirational brand or create brand loyalty get closer to customers by telling them a story, commiserating with them, sharing something important to both, rather than trying to sell them something in 30 seconds.

Long-form video is a brand’s opportunity to show its customers, “We’re just like you. And you’re just like us.”

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