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It’s easy for marketers to get caught up in a meme craze, but staying focused on the long-term effects of posting can prevent unwanted damage control.

The moment you share a meme, you lose control over how it’s used. Sometimes the message isn’t used the way it was intended.
For those sans-Internet for the last few years, a meme is humorous image, video or piece of text that is copied, at times with a slight variation, and spread through social media. Popular memes include Grumpy Cat, Pepe the Frog, Success Kid and John Cena.
It’s tempting for marketers to use memes to connect with their customers, but beware of using a meme out of context. You have to understand the punch line to use it properly, and you need to know when a meme is dead. can help explain the story behind the meme.
When marketers use a meme incorrectly, they risk having their brand look out of touch. If you think this isn’t possible consider this: There are so many memes gone bad that Reddit has page, Mismeme, devoted to them. As the page states, “Collect them and post them here so we can feel high and mighty knowing we know how to meme correctly.”

Ermagerd Girlermagerd

Though catapulted to immediate popularity, this young lady and her library books quickly faded from popularity as anyone who could talk or type began adding their own renditions. Of course, we took a stab at it.

Sudden Clarity Clarenceclarence

Though initially packed with valuable “a-ha!” moments, Clarence eventually regaled us with common knowledge or, at worst, useless information.

As long as you’re making a meme, why not Zoidberg?bad meme

This sad, pseudo-doctor, crustacean from Futurama has been repurposed virtually all over the internet. Here he reminds us to do better in our meme-ing.

Success Kidsuccess kid

The original picture of a toddler eating sand being no more, Success Kid is used to illustrate any situation that went better than planned. Though best used for big circumstances (Met the Girl of My Dreams, Her Dad Owns Connecticut), it has deteriorated to avoiding a messy white shirt on spaghetti night.

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