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5 Awesome Personal Hygiene Brand Videos

You think your job selling soda and bubblegum is hard? Try making compelling content that sells deodorant or tampons. These videos show how a little creativity can go a long way when marketing products that are difficult to talk about.

1. First Moon Party

The struggle is real. Follow the story of a young girl going through puberty. Caution: unfiltered talk about lady parts.

2. The Camp Gyno

If the First Moon Party wasn’t enough, double down on puberty talk with this gem.

3. Old Spice Tank

Bearglove and Swagger battle it out in epic meta style.

4. F$$$ing Great Blades

This video now comes with 10 blades, a flashlight and vibrating buttons.

5. AXE Peace

Make love, not war (or stanky armpits) with spray deodorant from AXE.

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