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5 YouTube Channels With Surprisingly Large Followings

Who says you need to be a pro athlete or a Grammy winner to be successful on YouTube? These five channels prove otherwise.

Popular celebrities, singers and big brands have all amassed large followings on YouTube, but there are some entrepreneurs who have racked up quite a subscriber pool while selling a product or service. Check out these five YouTube channels:

The School of Life

The School of Life sells online classes and workshops on a variety of topics. The little-known business has a storefront in London and a big online presence, with about 750,000 YouTube subscribers.

Yoga with Adriene

Ready to get your yoga on? “Yoga with Adriene” has a following of 1.1 million. The Texan and YouTube star sells online classes and workout gear from her website.

Dude Perfect

Who knew five guys could make a living making crazy trick shots? The group, Dude Perfect, started posting their antics on YouTube and now has 8.6 million subscribers. They have been hired to do trick shots for big brands like Nerf and Pringles.

Makeup Geek

Marlena Stell, known to her YouTube fans as Makeup Geek, shows off her brand of makeup, MUG, to her 1.2 million subscribers on a regular basis.

Laura in the Kitchen

This YouTube sensation teaches her audience how to make authentic Italian food. The DIY classes on YouTube have drawn a crowd of 2.2 million. The chef uses the channel to sell her cookbook.

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