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Which Content Marketing Tactician Are You?

The individual strengths of your content team members can help you through the content marketing funnel. Use these profiles of content marketing tacticians to find just what type you are.

Those of you working in content marketing know which skills you excel at best. You’re the strategist or the writer or the scheduler, the chieftain of operations, you name it, you got it going on…in your particular area.
We tried to narrow down the roles and skill sets to those top five roles in content marketing circles. These descriptions can help you as you bob and weave into your next agency or brand-side role. Run with it, already!

Content Strategist

This role is the mother lode of content roles. Its all-encompassing nature leaves little room for tradeoff. In this content strategist role, you’re the mover and the shaker, the daily thinker and long-term planner, and the PR personality mixed with an engineer’s precision. You’re comfortable liaising between departments and still knuckling down to write, plan and execute. You’re the brand AND the reporter, 24-7.


Mashed in with the content team is the writer-creator, a text and video-creating machine that operates on the mark, in real time. You’re the one who’s happiest when brainstorming and transforming ideas into marketable content marketing concepts for all types of printed and digital materials – email campaigns, landing pages, video scripts, social media content, sales and presentation decks and more. This role is best suited for a creative perfectionist who knows trends and can sell them to the suits.

Managing Editor

More often, you’re seeing the role of managing editor in content marketing operations. With a steady flow of written and visual content coming through the pipeline, it’s important that a managing editor has the writing chops, audience insights and digital marketing prowess to not only manage the details but implement the content. You’ll know about web publishing, marketing analytics, blog platforms, audience metrics and social media successes.

Visual Creative Designer

In this role, the visual content trumps all else. Can you design websites, bang out microsites, create infographics, and conceptualize innovative concepts for digital ad campaigns? You’ll have the energy, spark and all-around thought processes to work with a variety of visual software (Photoshop, InDesign and Keynote to start) to get going and get it right. Are you up to the task?

Head of Content Operations

Now, if you’ve got experience, guts and finesse in the areas above, you might be ready to roll into the head of content operations role. In this, you’ll be tasked with day-to-day content operations, managing the content teams, handling the flow of content input from third party sources, maximizing the team’s workload effectively, and spending a lot of time to recruit, grow, build and lead the content team to successes in your particular work area.

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