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Tax Day Anxiety Is a Chance To Generate Customer Affinity

While Tax Day is a not-so-friendly deadline for the everyman, it’s also an opportunity for brands to prop up consumers.

Brands can tie content messages into Americans’ annual April filing fears by creating helpful blog posts with tax tips. A product or service doesn’t need to have any relation to finance to increase customer loyalty; the content just needs to voice an understanding of the consumers’ plight.

Why Tax Tips?

One way to create affinity with your customers is to let them know you understand them beyond your product or service relationship. If you can relate to their personal needs, they’ll see you as a partner, rather than just as a provider. By helping them “beat” Uncle Sam, or at least keep more of their income in their pockets, you position yourself as a brand that looks out for them.

Get Specific

You can create targeted tax-tip articles for audiences made up of different demographics or personal situations. Your audiences might be interested in.

  • Tax tips for parents with minor children
  • Tax tips for parents involved in youth sports
  • Tax tips for adults with dependent elders
  • Tax tips for small-business owners
  • Tax tips for independent contractors

These Posts Work Year-Round

Not able to post tax tip content by mid-April? Don’t forget that many people and businesses file for extensions. And, no matter what type of year, people love to save money, especially on taxes. If they see a great tip for reducing their tax liability, they’ll bookmark the page and refer to it when it’s time to start doing their tax prep. Providing these tips is becoming common practice, too – the below companies, tax-related or not, have all created content to that effect.
Good Housekeeping Magazine
Good Housekeeping isn’t a financial magazine, but the publishing giant knew a key segment of its audience would appreciate, “Breastfeeding Moms, You Can Save on Your Taxes.”
Flatout Bread
Another brand capitalizing on its customers’ tax concerns is the Flatout Bread company. Flatout’s blog includes lifestyle content beyond recipes and product posts. Knowing that its customers include adults with children, the company posted, “Take All of Your Tots & Teens Tax Deductions.”
Forbes Magazine
Forbes magazine isn’t a parenting publication, but it knows many of its readers and website visitors are. That’s why they included, “6 Tax Tips For New Parents” on their website.
Mountain America Credit Union
This Utah-based credit union, with locations across the state, included a blog post on useful tax-preparation tools, such as online calculators and taxpayer assistance centers.
Bank of America
This national banking giant has plenty of tax posts on the small-business area of its blog, such as “Tax Tips for the Self-Employed.”
H&R Block
As you’d expect, the tax-preparation leader has a blog chock full of tax tips and advice. Topics cover everything from how long to keep tax records to claiming dependents correctly.
Intuit’s TurboTax blog has plenty of blog posts that cover more than just how to use the company’s software, including tips for avoiding procrastination and dealing with health insurance deductions.

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