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5 Trends Changing the Content Marketing Landscape

Content marketing is moving beyond text and video, and as new media gain traction, advertisers need to be early adopters.

Think you’ve got your content marketing strategy locked down? Guess again. If you aren’t up to snuff with the latest trends, you might as well be keyword stuffing. Here are a few trends content marketers can’t ignore anymore.

Glanceable content for wearables

Marketers literally have the blink of an eye when it comes to smartwatches and other wearables. DataMan Next, an app that gives you the thumbs up or get-your-usage-in-check signal right on your wrist.

Augmented reality opportunities

Brands better start thinking interactive content if they want to be a part of the augmented reality craze—or mixed reality, according to Microsoft. The mega-brand’s HoloLens (and other emergents) offers brands the chance to create virtual versions of their products.

Personalized content

Consumers are expecting more, as in they want content literally with their names on it and with their preferences in mind. Starbucks is ready!
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Just getting a handle on creating brand videos? Too bad. Next up? Webisodes—actual dramas played out on the web. Need some inspiration? Check out Coca-Cola’s Crossroads:

Disappearing content

Now you see it, now you don’t. Millennials are going gaga over brands on SnapChat, and Taco Bell is going loco for the chance to connect with a new audience:

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