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Major Brands – Like Tide – Are Getting Vine Right

Brands sometimes stumble and bumble their way through media platforms aimed at younger demographics, but that’s not the case for these brands.

While some brands treat content marketing and social media marketing as separate entities, these four brands prove that a marriage between the two is the way to go.
Take a look at the some of the Vines that brands are creating to support their content marketing strategy:
Oreo: New recipes
As part of its content strategy, Oreo launched a campaign to showcase “Snack Hacks” that use the black and white cookies in cool recipes. The company created an entire web series around the idea, and shares the videos on its website and social sites.
The company even makes special episodes for Vine, like this one that gives consumers a new way to eat popcorn.
Tide: The Ring
Tide’s content marketing strategy has a playful side. The company, known for its laundry detergent, is no stranger to cool videos. On its website you’ll find unique craft videos that turn ordinary Tide bottles into things like a star shooter.
The company’s commitment to video on Vine is just as playful. Take a look at this Halloween video that makes a connection to the movie, The Ring.
Sephora: How-to Vines
The beauty products retailer, Sephora, uses Vine to create mini how-to videos. What can you demonstrate in six seconds? You’d be surprised. Here’s a how-to Vine that shows customers how to remove stubborn nail polish.
The Vines are a great complement to the company’s blog, which offers similar how-to content.
GE: Science is cool
GE, the home appliance company, has a unique content marketing strategy that’s created a lot of buzz. The company creates a variety of content, which includes a one-of-a-kind magazine, GE Reports. Its purpose is to break down all the crazy science experiments that are going on inside the company.
The company’s Vines mimic the idea of making science a relatable subject. The company held a #6SecondScience Fair and asked fans to submit a Vine that shows how cool science can be. Here’s one of the submissions, which was shared on GE’s social sites.
By embracing Twitter’s six-second video app, these four brands have figured out a way to use the tool to enhance their overall content strategy.

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