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Repurposing Content Saves Money, Gives Broader Target Audience Reach

Repurposing content can lead to opportunities that drive higher traffic and build stronger engagement with multiple target audiences.

One of the best tactics to use in content marketing is content repurposing. No matter how it’s sliced, finding new ways to reuse content on different platforms for different audiences is a content marketing principle that works.

How Content Repurposing Works

Content repurposing works in different ways. Essentially, it’s the process of re-working a content piece into another form of content, with minimal new effort required. Examples include:

  • Transforming blog post into a lengthier “Ultimate Guide” on the topic
  • Reconfiguring a speech’s facts and research into an infographic
  • Editing part of a video into a GIF that works for a brand
  • Turning a customer survey into a data driven animated video

Companies work hard and spend money to create new content – in fact, the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Report noted that producing enough variety of content was one of the biggest acknowledged challenges for marketers. So it’s surprising to learn that a 2016 study showed that less than one third of marketers are systematically repurposing content in their content marketing efforts.
It shouldn’t be this way. Smart marketers know that developing the BIG content idea — the core asset — across different mediums, platforms and audiences is the key to content marketing success.

Social Re-Distribution

Social media distribution plays a big role in repurposed content. Brands with great content should make it a priority to share its best content pieces, in different forms, on different platforms. Here are a few benefits, according to digital marketing veteran Jeff Bullas:

  • Higher traffic – sharing an image from a presentation on Instagram will help more people see the content and share it;
  • New followers – re-sending out links to a brand’s content can be crucial in finding new followers in different times zones – try posting the content on scheduled times throughout the night

Content creators should be thinking about how to repurpose content pieces for each core asset of content produced. How can this material move on other platforms? For example, creating an “outtake” or “behind the scenes” video for the company blog can humanize the task of creating the actual new big marketing ad. Think about different ways to nourish the existing content in an established production schedule.
Others suggest starting with the production of popular evergreen (not tied to current events) content that matters greatly to key audiences. Rework that content by breaking it down into sections. This creates opportunities to create multiple blog posts from one lengthy piece.
Content repurposing is a crucial aspect of overall content marketing work. Have a process in place to re-work core content assets (video, blog post, Q & A, survey, presentation, contents, etc.) across the entire content marketing platform.

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