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Marketing Execs See Increasing Promise in Mobile Devices

A brand new survey of over 700 marketing executives concerning their stance mobile marketing plans shows what aspects are most important and which elements work best.

Smartphones have become the main device of choice for many business people, students and others. To reach all of these users, companies’ mobile marketing efforts are currently under the magnifying glass, with researchers exploring how to attract and retain customers using mobile marketing methods.
But it’s still an uphill battle for businesses to keep up with mobile users. In a recent survey, more than half of marketing teams polled responded that they did not have a dedicated marketing team. That’s part of a recent poll of 700 marketing executives from all over the business spectrum that showed bullish enthusiasm for mobile marketing, but mixed in with uncertainty over deployment issues.
The new survey on mobile marketing, “Are You a Bull or Bear When it Comes to Mobile?” highlights the responses of executives currently working on mobile platforms, technologies and applications. Here’s a closer look at some of the findings.

Key Findings

Driving more sales (66%) and boosting brand awareness (68%) are the top two goals identified in mobile marketing efforts, according to the responses. Ranked nearly as high was increasing engagement with users over mobile marketing platforms.
Additionally, the majority of mobile marketing teams are mostly small, falling between 1-3 people (54%) and 4-10 people (28%). At the same time, only 41% of the respondents said they had a dedicated mobile marketing team.
When it comes to contextualizing and personalizing mobile experiences, the survey respondents favored user location as the top criteria. Other criteria included a user’s past interactions with the app or purchase history.
Download this full report ahead of the November 29-30 Open Mobile Summit San Francisco 2016 event. It’s the mobile marketing event where UX gurus and marketing teams connect with CMOs and other C-level executives from B2C and B2B brands about mobile marketing development.
Among the highlights expected include sessions on how to create winning mobile products, discovering how to attract and retain app users, and best tips on developing a fantastic mobile experience that hooks and attracts users.

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