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10 Mascot Twitters That Are Nailing Their Brand Personalities

Helping customers connect to a brand by personifying that brand’s values is the mascot’s primary role. Now, through social media sites like Twitter, these marketing tools have a new way to raise their voices and promote their brands’ personalities.

Brand mascots are more than just cute characters and cartoon drawings. They’re a powerful marketing tool that are in fact, more effective than celebrity spokespeople on social media. Check out these top 10 brand mascots who not only have the Twitterverse figured out, but their brand’s message too.

Geico Gecko (@TheGEICOGecko)

The GEICO Gecko is one of those mascots whose personality and notoriety rises above his brand. His Twitter feed, like his popular commercials, is full of humor and fun, with observations and memes designed for everyday pleasure and a little bit of brand awareness snuck in between.

Flo from Progressive Insurance (@itsflo)

Her agreeable nature and bright personality is all about comfort, just like insurance. In fact, these personality traits are also why Flo from Progressive dominates her social media feeds. She offers lighthearted observations, smile-worthy pictures and surveys that keep them engaged.

The Aflac Duck (@aflacduck)

Hashtag ducklife. Aflac’s well-disposed waterfowl connects with readers via Twitter using his particular brand of humor. Like his cousins in the auto insurance industry, the Aflac Duck is all about brand recognition through fun, humor and personification. His “Aflaaaaaaac” call is almost as popular as he is, but his Twitter feed is more about balancing out the important things: supplemental insurance and #ducklife.

The Maytag Man (@TheMaytagMan)

The recent brand mascot makeover of The Maytag Man from a friendly, older repairman to the appliance itself represented by a younger, stronger, more attractive “man.” The associated Twitter constantly reinforces the brand and its products while remaining lighthearted and thematic.

Mr. Clean (@RealMrClean)

He may have been born in 1958, but Mr. Clean is still keeping up with the times. His Twitter feed features a lot of retweets and cross-promotions that engage with both individual consumers and celebrities because, let’s face it, everybody needs to clean.
Mr Clean

Travelocity Gnome (@RoamingGnome)

Travelocity’s popular pint-sized mascot primarily uses images to communicate with his readership. With over 81,500 followers as of June 2016, Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome is one of the most popular brand mascots on this list. His tweets, which are almost always photos, take customers around the world and remind them of the power and possibilities of travel.

Starkist Charlie (@StarKistCharlie)

By sharing recipes, promoting new products and reinforcing celebrity endorsement, Starkist Charlie knows how to make customers crave tuna.

Barbie (@Barbie)

Barbie is a brand, a product, a mascot and a friend. Since she debuted in 1959, she has been an inspiration to generations. Her Twitter feed is just like a friend’s chronicling her journeys and announcing major life/career milestones to her more than 260,000 followers.
Barbie’s Twitter works because it feels like you’re keeping up with an old friend.

Morris the Cat (@MorrisApproved)

The self-described “world’s most famous feline” and the face of 9 Lives cat food, Morris the Cat embodies his brand because he is its target audience. His Twitter feed is, likewise, all about giving humans what they want: more cat memes.

Allstate’s Mayhem (@Mayhem)

More of an anti-mascot, Mayhem from Allstate Insurance is still incredibly entertaining. His Twitter feed, like his epic commercials, features a bunch of engaging video clips that remind viewers of the importance of good insurance.

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