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Sure-Fire Content Wins for Every Strategy

Content is king. But what kind of content will get readers and potential customers flocking to your brand?

Quite simply, you can’t have a successful content marketing strategy without content that delivers. If you’re revamping your brand’s strategy, here are a few formats that will steer you in the right direction.

Evergreen Content

Like its namesake, evergreen content never loses its leaves. It remains relevant season after season, and you can enjoy the benefits of a single article or blog post year after year. Additionally, evergreen content often serves as a gateway to other types of content. It’s typically written at a beginner level to provide basic resources that benefit both the brand and the customer base.

Expert Content

Expert interviews, whether based on opinion or fact, give readers a peek into the minds of leaders from founders of ground-breaking start-ups to CEOs at major companies.
An article or blog post created by an expert also does well with readers as it provides authority. People want content they can trust, and an expert voice delivers that reliability.

Influencer Content

When considering influencer content, think big. Go for a blog post from a leading fashion blogger, an Instagram photo from a popular wellness blogger or a video created by a famous game reviewer.
Influencer content benefits brands as it boosts engagement and has an impact on trust for consumers. In fact, AdWeek reported in 2015 that 92 percent of consumers trust the opinion of others—even people they don’t know—over the opinion of brands.

Visual Content

Visual content is vital for grabbing attention in today’s busy online universe. Statistics suggest that visuals increase the chance for engagement and action when paired with a message. For example, reported that people are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
Tweets with pictures get up to 150 percent more retweets. According to marketer Jeff Bullas, articles that have an image get 94 percent more views than those without. The proof is in the numbers.

Long-Form Content

Whether they’re 1,000-word articles, sharable e-books or statistic-packed case studies, long-form content is a strategy rich with benefits. Author Neil Patel found that content over 1,500 words generates better engagement on social channels than shorter content, and also converts more efficiently.
If it’s valuable enough, long-form content glues readers to a website while engaging, informing, and enticing them to share. E-books and case studies establish authority on a topic, which increases brand loyalty and keeps readers coming back for more.
Although the above tactics work for most messages, strategists shouldn’t be afraid to play around with the length and style of their written content to find that sweet spot for their brand.

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